Tuesday, July 20, 2010


have you ever been stuck in a rut?
you know, where you might feel 
or feel like your life is just a little too monotonous? 
You know there's more too life, but you just don't know how to get from where you are to where you want to be? 
I'm sure every body has felt like that at one time or another. 

A few days ago, that's exactly how I felt. 
I'd lost confidence in myself and my abilities 
and was starting to doubt everything.

Not good

But I broke out of it! 
and I think it's important that I share this so that anyone else in a rut knows that you have the ability to get out of it. 

So what'd I do? What should you do?

Do something new - take a break from what you are doing, maybe it's a project or an assignment, but stop what you're doing. Take a break and do something different. For me it was as simple as getting out of the house and walking. I needed to get away from what I was doing and think about something new. But maybe for you it might be finding a new hobby or learning a new skill. 

Talk! Don't, whatever you do, bottle it up and try to forget about it. It doesn't work. You need to talk to someone. Talk to someone about what you're feeling - maybe they'll help you to realise the positive things about yourself that you're not or maybe they'll just be a shoulder to cry on.
Think about what you'd say to a friend in the same situation NOW SAY IT TO YOURSELF! Whoever said you can't compliment yourself can kiss my expletive. Realise that you are different and there's things about you that NO ONE ELSE HAS. 

Stop comparing yourself it's hard.. but it has to be done. Why do we compare ourselves to other people when everyone is different? It's such an easy thing to do, but in reality, it's ridiculous. Human beings are way too hard on themselves.

Take action you can't just sit around wondering why you can't get out of your rut. You've got to decide what you are going to do. Take risks. Sure something might be scary, but everyone gets scared. Write down the 10 things you want most - Now brainstorm how you can get them. 

Change do you eat the same thing every day? or run off the same routine? Switch it up - it might be as simple as eating breakfast outside instead of sitting at your computer. Any little thing that disrupts your routine provides a wake up call. Hey - who said you can't have pancakes on a Thursday?

Accept what you can't change you might not be able to change your job, or your financial status for the moment - but you can change the way you approach things. Positivity works!

And the other thing that worked for me? My luck changed. 
I got an email from a new client.


and exactly what I needed.
I can do this, so take that, RUT! 
I'm thinking about starting a new project.
An injection of positivity - so to speak.  
I think that's what the world needs.
So I may soon be asking for your help. 
if you'll give it to me!

But I want to know,
Have you ever been stuck in a rut? 
How did you get out of it?


  1. sorry to hear you got stuck in a rut but glad to hear you're out of it now. we all feel like that at some time in our life and it usually happens again and again from time to time. one thing i do is go for a nice long walk in the fresh air and sunshines. it gets you out of the house, delivers some Vitamin D and gets your muscles working and thus your brain working (left and right side) and clears your head and makes you think better. and then a nice big bag of hot chips with plenty of salt because it's such comfort food :-)

  2. I agree! A nice long walk can fix a lot of things.
    And definitely comfort food if the walk doesn't work :P Hey - you burned it off, right?