Monday, August 2, 2010


I have a confession, 
I am a super picky eater. 

I'm super precise in how I like my food and what I like, 
so when I got the opportunity to review Muesli4Me's muesli I jumped at the chance. 

Muesli4Me is an Australian company specialising in tasty, made-to-order muesli mixes. Create your own mix the way you like it - make it your way.

This was perfect for me! 
I often end up making my own muesli mixes as I can never find store bought muesli mixes with everything I want. 
Some mornings I just don't want almonds 
and others I might not want raisins.

I created my own K.I.S.S Blend
It also works because KISS are my initials :)

The first step in making the muesli is choosing the base. 
For me it was the 5 flake mix 
(rolled oats, rolled rye, rolled barley, rolled whole wheat and rolled triticale)
but they have everything from a chocoholic base to an asian base.

Then you have the choice to add grains, 
I decided to K.I.S.S but I was tempted by options like wheat and honey puffs and oat clusters.

Now for my favourite part, adding fruit! 
I decided that my muesli needed 
· dried apricot
· dri ed papaya
· dried currants
· dried blueberry
· sultanas

You then also have the choice to add nuts & seeds 
and extras like spices and chocolate chips. 

The muesli arrived to me super fast! 
Next day delivery fast!

My Muesli4Me is a perfect base blend for me
now I have the choice to add nuts and things myself each morning if I so desire.
I'd definitely try new combinations of muesli in the future
the chocoholic muesli sounds right up my alley as a dessert choice :P

You can easily make your own muesli at
and tailor it to your own desires :) 

So tell me, 
What would be in your own muesli/cereal mix? 

Kristy was sent this muesli4me muesli courtesy of Muesli4Me.
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  1. Sounds like a great idea! :) I really dislike sultanas and raisins and it's one of the reasons I avoid supermarket brands of muesli. Also, how nice would this be as an addition to a gourmet hamper for a present? I love when you can personalise a present and make it even more special.

  2. I actually thought of that too! I love personalised gifts :)

  3. What a great idea.

    I'm impressed by this company

  4. its been so long since ive had muesli! im not just saying this, but this product looks REALLY TASTY! and if a picky eater approves.. hehe <3


  5. Kelsey you should have some! I've only just started re-adding it into my diet - plus now that you're eating gluten you can add other yummy things! :)

  6. i've got a chance to try this muesli company as well. looking forward to it. i actually went off milk a while ago because i think for some reason i've become more milk intolerant but will try it with yoghurt. looking forward to working out when will be in my muesli mix :-)

  7. Oh very cool! I tried Muesli Mixer and loved the muesli blend that I mixed up which was very nutty and fruity :)

  8. Simon - I used to be like that! I prefer my muesli with yoghurt over milk, it's more filling that way as well
    Lorraine - I'm actually trying their's too! Muesli queen? maybe so :P

  9. Hmmm...well, chocolate would definitely be a big component in my mix! :) Maybe nuts and dried pears too? I love pears, but rarely put it in my cereal or oatmeal.

  10. This is such a great idea. I detest sultanas (but like currants, go figure). And the conventional blends always seem to have sultanas or no-fruit at all. Great to have a choice!

  11. You're right! I used to have the same problem with cinnamon because so many muesli blends are full of it

  12. I make my own muesli too, a fussy eater here as well!