Friday, August 6, 2010


why hello lovelies,
it's sweet saturday AGAIN! :) 

this is fast becoming one of my favourite days of the week,
especially as it requires some amount of research
you know :P

I've got lots to tell you, but i'll leave that to the end of the post, 
because you're probably impatient like me and wondering what is inside that bright orange

I know I was, 
I'd just finished my first english trial HSC paper when I got my hands on this happy looking box.
When I get boxes that say things like "chocolate" or "treats" it means one thing.

So I peeled back the lid to find....

A note! To me! 
evidence that the box of treats was mine

Eric, I don't think it needs to be said that I'd enjoy them
I was in a post exam state of brain deadness. 

But I was quickly revived..

You can't tell me that doesn't look like one big collection of fun
Bright colours

This box of treats instantly brightened my day,
I was a kid in a candy store
Literally, my own candy store

There were boxes of....

Colourful Jelly Beans!

Peanut M&M's!

Cadbury Dairy Milk!

Fruity Frogs!

Cadbury Favourites!

And Chupa Chups!

I think Box of Treats need to change their name to box of sunshine or happiness or rainbows 
because I forgot about my super draining exam in 3 seconds flat

I LOVE their concept. I'm a big fan of personalised gifts and Box of Treats lets you pick EXACTLY what goes into your (or a lucky friend/family member's) box!
and you can also pick from pre-made boxes
and add your own little note like the one in my box!

You can even pick a MEGA TREAT BOX
which would be perfect for a friend who might have a massive obsession with one particular candy

And the best thing of all? 
Their prices are shockingly realistic! 
I'm talking 4 Pack Treat boxes that start at $14.95! 

So as soon as you finish reading this post (and say Hi, hopefully)
head on over to Box of Treats and have a look at their website
they even have a gallery of all that sugary goodness

Like I said above I'm in the middle of my Trial HSC Exams
Fear not, there not as evil as they sound! 
They do, however, have a tendency to turn my brain into mush.

That's why I've been a little quiet on the blogging front
but don't worry, i'm keeping sane! 
and as soon as exams are over its STRAIGHT back into photography mode
and hopefully I'll have a bunch of super interesting posts for you! 

I've been keeping sane by...

1. Your Comments!  
Okay, blogging confession, I might have been blogging for a little while now - But I still get super excited with every comment. I reallyreallyreally appreciate them! So don't think your words are wasted on deaf ears!

2. Enforcing a mandatory choc o'clock
Yep, that's right.. 2 o'clock means break time! 
I don't always have chocolate though - but I always have to make sure I take breaks during the day,
chocolate just helps to keep me from falling asleep :P
3. Cooking! 
I love being in the kitchen. Some mother's may get frustrated at their kids and wish they'd do their own cooking, but I think my mum wishes I'd get out of her darn kitchen :P 
I've been making awesome lunches and dinners and trying new foods to give my brain a break from the monotony. 

4. Getting out of the house! 
I can never get my day started if I don't get out of the house. It can be as simple as going to the post office to check for any mail, but it always seems to make my day a little bit more productive.

5. The promise of next thursday
Next thursday, I'll have no more exams and it will be my birthday!
Yes, I'm finally turning eighteen. 
I wasn't looking forward to turning 18, but I'm starting to realise the opportunities that being a legal adult brings 
and I'm excited! 
Hopefully some of these opportunities will involve my blog! 
fingers crossed.

So now I want to know some things, 
What's your favourite kind of candy? 
and How do you keep sane?

Kristy received the Box of Treats courtesy of Eric at
If you'd like a review of your products, send an email to 


  1. Oh that's a sure way to bring a smile onto anyone. Good luck for the final exams of your trials. You'll look back on these days and think "These were nothing compared to what I'm dealing with now!"

    And adulthood, eh... it's overrated lol Adulthood means responsibilities.. ARGH! But don't get me wrong, it can be fun, just the responsibilities aren't..

  2. Haha yeah, responsibilities can be annoying. But I'm looking forward to it! I like a challenge :)

  3. if u could see how large my eyes are right now! I want a MEGA TREAT BOX too Kristy! haha <3
    I have fond memories of my mom bringing home dairy milk cadbury bars for a treat <3 mmmmmm.

    haha i loved ur comment on my OIAJ! my mom always throws the "empty" nut butter jars out too! i told her the night before that the seemingly "empty" jar was a jar "half full" to me, and not to mess with it haha <3

    ps. i love being in the kitchen too, thats where its at.. and by 'its' i mean all the fun! <3

  4. Haha they look so good! I've claimed the box of dairy milk as mine :P

    My family thinks I'm weird for how I look at things like the empty nut butter jar with OIAJ potential or the last cookie that can totally make my day :P

  5. great packaging and nice idea. i like how you've photographed it as well. choc o'clock too funny! :-)

  6. Thankyou :)
    Choc o'clock is THE BEST EVER!

  7. Lovely pics, Kristy :) Oh yes, gotta love choc o'clock!

  8. Ah the birthday is still approaching at lighting fast speed! You can't avoid it!

    Gorgeous photos... who wouldn't love sweets packaged so cutely?

  9. Thanks Anna!

    And yeah it seems like I can't avoid it Shellie :P As much as I try!

  10. hehe it sounds like your birthday present came early! Happy Birthday for tomorrow Kristy! :D

  11. Lovely pictures and all the nice candy treats! Happy birthday, Kristy!