Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a new year, a new leaf

I'm writing to you a whole year older,
that's right.. today is...


my eighteenth birthday actually,
so that means I'm a legal adult.
I don't feel any different.

I mean, this morning I woke up the same way..
I was laying in bed when Ms. Impatient started barking
(don't worry I'm talking about the dog, not my sister!)
and I now have my beautiful puppy under my feet
(favoritism - yes)

The same thing I did yesterday. 
But there's one difference.

I've decided that I'm another year older
and I'm going to change how I do some things.
You might have noticed the numbers in my title are missing.
They're gone! Too boring!

Today I'm going to make the most of my birthday
and then I'll be getting straight into working on some exciting new projects,
because being eighteen brings responsibility! 
and for me, responsibility brings opportunity :)

I'll be working with new clients, 
improving my photography (or at least hoping to!),
starting some exciting things on my blog
and growing and learning with every day that comes.

And in other news, 
I'm finished my trial exams!
They weren't all that bad (just incredibly boring)
Now I just have to wait til October so I can finish school forever!

But tell me, 
Do you have any birthday traditions?
and what do you think about the numbers - yay or nay?

I'm thinking i'm going to start a new tradition..
Waffles for lunch, anyone?


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Have a fantastic time celebrating!

  2. Happy Birthday! Waffles sound like a fab way to celebrate :) Hope you have a fabulously delicious day!

  3. Happy Birthday on your blog as well!!
    How exciting, I'm sure you will love being 18 =)

    Birthday traditions?... eating whatever I want cos there are no calories when it's your birthday ;P
    Always tend to go out for dinner. Having Asian background, I must have noodles on my birthday as it means I'll have a long life or something.

    Have a fantastic day!

  4. Thanks Shellie!

    Hahaha no calories when it's your birthday? I definitely agree!
    Afterall - It only comes once a year :)

  5. Happy Birthday! That's an awesome candle! It's a candle right....? I never feel any different on my birthday =)

    I thought there was something weird about the title! Because usually, when I see a number in the 'blogs I follow' list I know immediately that it's you =P But knowing how creative you are, you'll probably make the most interesting blog titles of all the blogs I follow so I'll still know it's you =D

    You're so lucky you finished your trials...*sigh* I'm halfway through mine and I'm kinda wishing I'd started studying earlier- trying to memorise a whole year's worth of work over one night isn't the smartest idea after all ;)

  6. It sure is a candle! I felt so bad melting it because its so cute :P

    Me? Creative?! Well I'm flattered you think so :) Now I'm going to have to think REAAALLY hard about the titles so they'll be interesting :P

    Good luck with your trials Von, they'll be over before you know it - don't worry.. Plus, I guess we can only take them as exactly what they are, a trial run.
    I know that before the HSC I'm going to have to kick my brain into gear :P I've had a 8 week break between finishing course work and doing the exams - So my studying got reaaallly lazy :P

  7. nay for the numbers.
    yay for your birthday!! Happy 18th!!
    i think turning 21 was my favorite, cuz i actually felt like an adult. i dont really celebrate but i do like to pamper myself with massages etc. my family usually makes anice dinner and such which is cool too.


  8. So no numbers?

    I'm thinking I may make a bigger deal over my 21st as I'm not doing much at all for my eighteenth.
    Pampering yourself sounds like a perfect thing on your birthday!

  9. Happy birthday once again! I agree, I didn't feel like an adult until I turned 21 but it's all relative to how you feel and where you are in life. I'm liking the more organic layout but I think it's time to edit your 'About Me' section... =D

  10. Thankyou!
    Oh yes! I'd forgotten all about that - thanks for reminding me haha!

  11. Happy Birthday Kristy! Looks like I'm late! :0( Hope you had a great day and wish you a great year ahead, full of opportunities and good luck with your business - I'm certain you'll do just dandy!

  12. Happy (belated?) Birthday Kristy! Hope it will make you smile to know you've won the mini-giveaway :)

  13. happy happy birthday! hope it was a great day and does this mean we'll see you at more events where alcohol is served :-)

  14. definitely! that is, if I get invited.
    before I missed out on a lot of opportunities because I was too young :P