Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cherry blossoms and anticipation

Spring is weeks away but i'm anxiously anticipating its arrival. 
Today was a little bit of a preview. 
I walked out of the house shocked to find that I didn't actually need the second jacket I picked up on the way out.

You see, me and winter don't get along.
I can't stand the cold
and in winter I can never seem to keep warm.

The past couple of weeks the cherry blossoms have been blooming in my area,
for me this means one thing - Spring is coming! 

I adore cherry blossoms,
I love the variety of pink and purple hues
and the dainty little flowers
So of course I had to capture them :)

For me, spring means flowers, new life, warmer weather, lunch in the sunshine and colour! 

So tell me, 
what does spring mean for you? 
and what are you anticipating?


  1. I love cherry blossoms too! I drive past 2 when I go to work. And every day I say I must take a photo.

    Spring means summer is on it's way, pretty flowers and lots of sneezing!

  2. Oh no, the dreaded hayfever! I always (conveniently) forget about that part :P

  3. haha....I thought there was something wrong with me when I was getting hot inside my blankets last night- I never get hot in winter =] Let's just hope that it doesn't go cold again soon.....

    I love cherry blossoms too!

  4. I don't think the warm weather is going to stick around :( But I'm sure hoping spring comes early! It was kinda weird being outside without a jacket though :P

  5. i love fall much more but spring definitely is a 'hopeful' season. it anticipated the birdies, warmer mornings, and the sun staying out longer :)

  6. I'm with you girl, I can't stand the cold. I love that photo of the cherry blossoms. Thank goodness it has been nice the past few days.

    What does spring mean to me? My birthday!! :)

  7. I cannot wait for Spring too! I really felt it yesterday when I had to ditch most of my clothing. Ahh dresses and flowers!

  8. I love Spring and all the blossoms. We have more apple blossoms here than cherry blossoms, but they are as beautiful and so very fragrant. Where I live, the roads are lined with crab apple trees that bear the first blooms of Spring. We have the sides of the roads looking completely pink for a few days each Spring, followed by lilacs. Isn't it beautiful?
    Love your shot of the cherry blossom - I can see it on a lovely greeting card.

  9. Kelsey - I lovelovelove the sun, so I've decided that this spring the sun and I are going to have a very close relationship :P

    Phuoc'nDelicious - Thankyou :D I'm loving the warmer weather! Birthdays are always good, like Shellie said on mine - there's no calories when its your birthday :P

    Lorraine - I cannot wait to wear dresses either! I have a wardrobe full of ones I haven't worn yet!

    Shinydewdrop - That sounds lovely! Apple blossoms are gorgeous. Thank you so much :)