Sunday, August 15, 2010

I can't believe I eat: kale chips

I used to be the world's fussiest eater
well, maybe not quite that extreme...
but I was pretty darn fussy.

Now, that girl is no where to be seen.
Now I love trying new foods,
fruits and vegetables especially. 

On Saturday I spent my day at the farmer's market, where I managed to find a lovely bunch of purple kale!
I've been searching for kale everywhere with no luck - but as usual, the farmers market provided!
I had the choice between a white kale or the lovely purple kale.. and of course I went for the prettiest bunch :)
Plus, when it comes to vegetables, I'm sticking with the view that the more colour you have, the better!

So I came home with my kale in-tow and tried to figure out what I was going to have for dinner.
(I already knew that it'd involve kale chips

Kale chips are probably one of the easiest things to make - and they're so yummy! 
At least I think so, my mum... well... not so much.

So here's my not-so-recipe-like Kale Chips Recipe 

Kale (As much as you want - Washed and dried) 
Optional: Olive Oil and Herbs/Spices/Seasonings

Preheat your oven to 180*C (375*F)
Tear or cut the kale leaves from the stems. 
(If using) drizzle/spray olive oil over the leaves and sprinkle seasonings.
Lay out kale onto a lined baking tray and bake for 5 minutes or until crispy. 

The trick with the kale chips is: 
Sometimes they'll take longer to crisp up, other times they'll crisp quickly.

I don't actually use olive oil on mine because I prefer them without, 
but its up to you!

My mother's reaction to the kale chips was quite different to mine.. 
you see, I think the fussy eater title got passed off onto her. 
After trying them she said "I'd prefer a real chip

But me? 
I love the crispy, airy-ness of kale chips!
They're a perfect healthy snack.

But it got me thinking, there really are alot of foods I eat now that I never would've thought of trying before.
Some of the things on my I can't believe I eat that! list are: 
  • Kale - Kale is a form of cabbage and its full of powerful antioxidants, beta carotene, vitamin K, vitamin C, lutein, zeaxanthin and calcium! It's also believed to have anti-cancer properties.
  • Broccoli -
    My favourite vegetable! Anything that could possibly go with broccoli, I'll have with broccoli. I'm talking throwing it into any kind of pasta, putting it on pizza, eating it raw etcetc.
    To think that not too long ago I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole is crazy!
  • Zucchini -
    Baked/Pan Fried/Grilled you name it, I love it!
    My latest lunch love is a pita pizza topped with crushed tomatoes, chilli, broccoli, zucchini and feta - yum!
  • Milk -
    I used to be, somewhat, lactose intolerant so I avoided milk altogether.
    I hated the taste and the thought of drinking it plain grossed me out.
    While I still don't drink it plain, i'm loving milk on my cereal and in my oatmeal
    where before I'd either eat cereal dry or not at all. 
  •  Vegetables in General -
    I just can't get enough vegetables.
    To me, a meal isn't a meal if there isn't a big serve of vegetables by it. 
So tell me, 
what's something on your I can't believe I eat that! list? 


  1. I tried kale chips once and they were SO good! Bridget from Bridget Cooks made them and I swore that I'd make them myself one day :D

  2. Well I am sooo going to have to try these - I've never seen anything like it before, but I have to say that the brownies underneath look even better! I just found your blog and followed for you, and I agree it's a great way to connect with people all over the world. Please please please check out both my blogs (yep its crazy but 2 blogs for 2 businesses) @ and All the best, Jane:)

  3. Lorraine - They're so easy! and super yum :D
    Jane - Thanks for following! I'll be sure to check out your blogs :)

  4. kale chips are quite addictive! i was the same way when i first tried them, a little skeptical. the cheesey kale chips are my favorite, with nutritional yeast and nut cheese. plus its always good to know im getting some servings of greens in :)

  5. I'm tempted to try nutritional yeast, but a little skeptical. I don't know - I guess the idea of eating yeast freaks me out a little :P

    That would be another food to freak my family out :P

  6. wow, never thought I'd hear kale and chips in the same sentence! I'm definitely trying them. Interesting how tastes change, I used to hate tomatoes, now I cannot live without them :)

  7. Haha, they're delicious! Though I guess they're not for everyone as my mum showed.