Friday, August 27, 2010

Sweet Saturday: Shortbread Sensation

it's saturday once again!  

so that means this post is filled with sweet goodness!
 this week, it's shortbread. 
see that title up there?
there's so many s's I could be a snake :P

now, for those of you who don't know what shortbread is, or for those who just like to know stuff like me, here's some quick facts from wikipedia :P

Shortbread is a type of unleavened biscuit (cookie).
Shortbread is so named because of its crumbly texture (from an old meaning of the word short).
Shortbread is generally associated with and originated in Scotland.

and a fact from me?
Shortbread is yum! 

 A while ago I was sent a big box full of Butterfingers shortbread,
this included ALL of their flavours! - 
Pure Butter
Choc Chip
Lemon Myrtle
and their Gluten Free Versions 

My taste testers and I decided it'd be best to start with the shortbread in its pure form :P
This shortbread is rich and buttery and has the traditional shortbread taste I've grown up knowing.
It melts in your mouth just the way a good shortbread should! 

Definitely perfect to put out when friends come over
or to have with a cup of tea!

Next in line was Lemon Myrtle.
Now, I can honestly say I've never tried lemon myrtle shortbread
and I think i've only ever tried lemon myrtle in cooking classes at school.

According to Wikipedia - 
Lemon Myrtle is one of the well known bushfood flavours and is sometimes referred to as the "Queen of the Lemon Herbs"
That would be well known, unless you're Kristy.. 

But back to the Shortbread,
this flavour was different to what I expected.
It had a delicate lemon flavour that complimented the shortbread perfectly.

The macadamia shortbread was delicious with the crunchy chunks of macadamias.

Macadamias would probably have to be my one of my favourite nuts 
(especially when it comes to Dello Mano Brownies
They don't overpower the shortbread like other strong tasting nuts would.

 Soooooooo many flavours!
Next up was the Choc Chip Shortbread
The chocolate chips were a super addition to the shortbread
and perfect for any chocoholic! 

These would be perfect for dunking into hot chocolate/tea/coffee
so the chocolate chips melt mmmmmmm...

There was also a ginger shortbread..
at first this raised alarm bells for me.
Ginger? Shortbread? eww

I thought the ginger would be overpowering,
but after tasting them I was relieved to find the ginger was quite subtle
and actually went really well with the shortbread. 
The ginger kind of hit you as an after thought, letting you know it was there.

Now that's all the flavours,
but Butterfingers also caters for those with wheat intolerances with their gluten free range.
So you can still enjoy delicious macadamia or pure butter shortbread! :)

Butterfingers shortbread can be found in supermarkets, independent grocers, delicatessens, duty free stores and specialty outlets across Australia. 
I've seen them in both Coles and Woolworths - so I'm sure you can find some near you!

So tell me lovelies, 
How do you like your shortbread?

Kristy received Butterfingers shortbread courtesy of
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  1. I love shortbread! So buttery and delicious.

  2. hehe my mum loooves shortbread. I'd better tell her about all of those flavours!

  3. :D

    They do say variety is the spice of life, afterall :P

  4. Yumm! I love shortbread and mine turn out pretty decently!

    Very recently, I heard about these sensational shortbread cookies being turned out by a Hawaiian company. If you're interested, check them out at

    Happy sorting through shortbreads! (darn, didn't quite get that to be a tongue twister, did I now?)

    And I love all the pictures - especially the 1st, 2nd and 8th ones!

    - Toni

  5. Thanks Toni :) I thought the ginger photo was a bit different, so I had to include it :) Didn't want to bore everyone with all the same photos!
    All the shortbread on that site look delicious! and I love the cute pineapple shape

  6. my mama always told me that the only way to make a good shortbread was with BUTTER, no exception haha. so i have to say i like my shortbread with butter in the recipe and to enjoy them with a sprinkling of sugar and a nice tall mug of tea <3

  7. My mum says the exact same thing :P I once tried to "healthify" the recipe - but it was totally different - the butter is what it gets the flavour from.

    I totally agree with the sprinkling of sugar! That's the only thing these shortbread were lacking

  8. For a few years when I was living in Hong Kong, I ate shortbread in an addictive fashion come Christmas time. Biscuits there tend not to be so rich, but shortbread would populate store shelves at Christmas which combined with actual cold weather would make me eat it almost non-stop!

  9. :P
    Shortbread always reminds me of Christmas time - and a family friend, who i've talked about before on my blog as Sparkles, she always has shortbread without fail! :P

  10. i would want part of my last meal before i die to be shortbread!!!!

  11. The dessert part? or the main meal?

  12. the dessert part!....on the side of some pink cupcakes :)

  13. mmmmm I just LOVE shortrbread. Always eat too much around Christmas time, that's when my aunty makes it!

  14. I always make shortbread at Christmas time - last year my mum and I made like different recipes to decide what makes shortbread taste best.
    We ended up finding out that its not the shortbread- its the person :P She liked the rice flour ones and I hated them :P