Sunday, August 29, 2010

Time flies, when.....

Can you believe it's almost September?
I can't...  the year is flying by,
it feels like I took the above photo just a few weeks ago.

But now the Autumn yellows and oranges have turned into spring colours as flowers start to bloom.
But the faster winter goes,
the happier I'll be :P

 I haven't had any school work to do for months now, 
It's weird.. I feel like I've already finished.
Really, I'm just waiting for my final exams.
I'm ready to do them now!

I cannot wait to get them over and done with!

This week is another relaxed week for me.
I'm hoping the sun feels like shining all week so I can get some photography done! 
(Fingers crossed!)
I have a few cool products I'm yet to review that i'm excited to share
and some work for clients that needs to get done.

So tell me, 
what do you have planned for this week?
anything exciting?


  1. I'm celebrating 1 year with my man this weekend =) other than that... work.. urgh :P

  2. oh i know that feeling, just wanting exams to be here and done with already instead of building up to them!

    monday is a big 50% off sale at value village so im so excited to go get some new vintage clothes. i never imagined id end up getting excited to shop for used stuff tho haha.. hmm so far that what i have planned for the week but im sure more things will pop up :)


  3. Shellie - Ooh Congratulations! :D
    Kelsey - I never imagined I'd get excited over bowls or plates or spoons but I do! Vintage clothes are always so fun, especially if you think about where they might have been

  4. Hopefully its full of exciting stuff! :)

  5. This week is SO busy! *sigh* I can't believe it is almost September too. I hope that the weather becomes a bit warmer! :P

  6. It's so weird that you are busy looking forward to spring when the autumn is drawing in over here and it's soon be winter.

  7. Haha definitely :P I'd happily live half of the year in the northern hemisphere, and the other half in the southern hemisphere to permanently avoid winter :P

  8. it's always good to have a break so enjoy it whilst it lasts!