Monday, August 30, 2010

The container drawer...

I don't know about you, 
but my container drawer has a few problems.

The first one is that it's just not big enough,
every time you open the drawer, 
it's a struggle to rearrange all the containers so that they fit.
The second is that it eats lids
just like your washing machine might eat socks.

I can never seem to find the right lid to match the container I want.

But the geniuses at RubberMaid have answered my plea for help!
Let me introduce you to Easy Find Lids.

The lids snap into the bottom of the container and lock into place so they don't get lost in that evil drawer!
It's actually kinda like lego, for grown ups 
and all the containers nestle into one another so they stack really well!

Compared to other containers they take up minimal room in the drawer or cupboard
thanks to their graduating sizes!

I was sent a set of seven to review
and I was really impressed.

At first I thought, 
How in the world am I going to review containers?! 

But, I confess... 
I have a container obsession.
Actually, that obsession carries over to other things like zip lock bags. 
Basically, I like to be organised.

So these were actually really good to receive
plus! the containers are really strong and durable
and they're microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe!

So if you're like me, 
run out to the store and grab yourself some Rubber Maid
Easy Find Lid Containers
and we can take on the evil container drawer! :P

So tell me, 
do you have a weird obsession? 

I think I should right a list of confessions.. hmmm
Kristy received these containers courtesy of Porter Novelli PR,
if you'd like a review of your products - send an email to


  1. I really want a whole pantry full of containers like these to store food in (cereal, cookies, flour, sugar, etc). Our pantry is a MESS, I hate it.

    About weird obsessions, is it weird that I have a stash of expensive chocolate for baking? Most people stash chocolate for eating, but who actually stashes chocolate for baking with??

  2. Jamieanne if I had a million dollars, I'd probably spend a vast majority of it on containers and stuff like that :P
    A chocolate baking stash sounds good! I definitely have a chocolate eating stash, but then I don't do much baking

  3. i have a major mason jar obsession, but i just finished organizing the container drawer and noticed i have a tad obsession like you as well!
    i probably have way too many quirks and neuroticisms for my own good...and in terms of something not being big enough (like tupperware of course).. is muffins! haha <3

    have a beautiful day/ first of september <3

  4. You too Kelsey!
    I think I probably have way too many quirks and neuroticisms too :P