Monday, September 13, 2010

In the back of my head

Blue cheese, 
am I the only one that is grossed out by this? 

Lately I've been super keen to try new foods
but blue cheese has yet to get a look in.
I've attempted...
only to be screamed at by the voice in the back of my head..


I think it might be due to the fact that i'm allergic to penicilin
and as a child, when I found out that penicilin = mould 
I thought that eating anything with mould would surely kill me

Yeaaahh I was a bit dramatic, considering i'm not deathly allergic to penicillin or anything.
Even now that i'm older I still find myself thinking that exact thing - But I guess that's just because its what I believed for so long. 

Like as a child I thought my dad told me that if you drank orange juice and milk at the same time it would spoil in your stomach and make you sick.
Apparently he was actually trying to explain how acids curdle milk, but my childish brain took it to the extreme.
I still to this day, couldn't sit down to a bowl of cereal and a glass of orange juice. 

The brain is a funny thing.

I'm sure one day I'll try blue cheese, as long as I can get past the mould factor. 
Afterall, I'm the kind of person who likes strongggggggg cheese.
I'm talking extreme vintage smack you in the mouth cheese.

So tell me, 
Is there something that someone has told you that has stuck in your brain?


  1. I'm not good with blue cheeses at all...The smell, oh, the smell!

  2. oh don't worry, blue cheese scares me too! I have had it before, but it's not my favorite!

    Mum always told me, the amount of grains of rice you leave on your plate is the amount of pimples that will appear on your face. :P Mother's will try anything!

  3. Hehe that is too funny! Luckily my mum was never a clean plate advocate - as a child she was forced to eat everything on her plate or else she had it for breakfast so she was more lenient with us :P

  4. Blue cheese grosses me out too! I will never even touch it, although honestly I never thought of allergies. I too am allergic to penicillin besides a lot of other things and they are actually pretty life-threatening for me. Thank God I never attempted eating blue cheese just because it's so stinky - who knows what could have happened.

    And continuing on the clean plate thread - my mum told me that every grain of rice I left on the plate, when put together, was depriving a child of their meal. I still carry that guilt, coming from a third-world country.
    So, I still clean up my son's plate, besides my own!

  5. I wonder if eating blue cheese would affect someone with an allergy to penicillin.. hmmm...
    Don't anyone tempt fate because I said this, please! :P

  6. I can eat drink milk and orange juice at the same time either! haha.....if I eat ice cream after eating oranges, I always wait a while before I do- not that it actually makes a difference =)

    I've never tried blue cheese- I didn't realilse that it was mould either until this......but since evryone else eats it anyway I'm not too scared =D

  7. I'm in love with blue cheese! I could eat it just by itself. Yum! Something that stuck in my head was that a friend at work told me that before cows are killed they can sense it so their cholesterol goes up and that's supposedly why beef is high in cholesterol (not sure if this is true but I'm gullable and bought it). She also said that pigs can sense it to. Just makes me feel sad.

  8. Von - I always waited 15 minutes, don't know why - that just seemed to be the time frame I thought would work :P Good thing I don't like OJ though.

    Allie - Woww, that's so odd - and really sad :( I hope for the cows sake its not true!