Friday, September 10, 2010

Sweet Saturday: Chocolate coated goodness

why hello my fellow Grocery Store Addicts!
I loved reading your comments on my last post,
it seems like being a grocery store addict is a requirement of being a blogger :P

Another week has flown by!
Mine was full of restless nights, early mornings and a sprinkling of shopping here and there.
I've discovered that my body does not know how to sleep in.
 Well actually, it's idea of sleeping in is 6am....

Okay in summer, granted, but when it's cold all I want to do is stay in bed.
My mind disagrees - I swear my brain writes novels while i'm asleep.
I can wake up and be thinking of a million things at once.
Most of the time, it's pretty useless stuff too.

But, alas! It's sweet saturday! 
I received a package that was perfect for this weeks post
and it definitely brightened up my day, despite the cloudy skies!

One of the greatest things about being a blogger is getting sent things like what you see above to share with you all.
I'm one of these people who gets uber excited about things and tells everyone they know about them.

Like last year I'm pretty sure every friend and family member heard about how much I loved Mitch Albom's The five people you meet in heaven (seriously, read it!) and my obsession with Dr Kracker is well pronounced. 

The lovely people at Organic Times sent me a huge selection of their delicious treats!
Organic Times is an Australian owned, certified organic company that offers delicious products made from the finest quality ingredients. 

All of their products are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and you can actually understand the ingredients list! (Hooray!)

Their Choc-Almond cookies were fantastic!
These are the kind of cookies you could fool your friends with because they don't taste like your average, lackluster packaged cookie.

They are definitely a home-style cookie, something you'd find in the kitchen of an old relative whose baked goods are well renowned and desired. 
I loved the chunks of oven roasted almonds and the smooth milk chocolate chips.

But wait! There was more cookies!
I was also sent their Triple-Choc and White Choc macadamia cookies.

These two babies went straight to my mum and sister who I knew would love them.
I realised how good they were when my mum (who isn't a big sweets fan at all) polished off her entire cookie with mmmm's all around.
They too were a more home-style cookie, with big chunks of chocolate. 

If you cover something in chocolate - doesn't that just mean it tastes a hundred times better?
I was also sent a stack of their chocolate covered goodies! 
First up was crunchy macadamia nuts smothered in milk chocolate.

The creamyness of the macadamia nuts paired perfectly with the dark chocolate!

Next up were the Dark Chocolate coated coffee beans.
Now, I'm not a coffee fan whatsoever
but that is why I employ a group of taste testers when I review anything.
After all, the last thing I'd want to do is lie to you lovely people! 
The opinions I gained from my TTT (taste testing team!) were...
full flavoured

Now from something I didn't like to something I loved,
These dark chocolate covered sultanas were delicious!
Lately, I've been on a bit of a trail mix kick
so when I received the dark chocolate sultanas I knew exactly where they were going,

I loved the balance of the sweet sultanas and the rich dark chocolate,
for me they definitely kicked milk chocolate covered sultanas butt. 

Some more nutty goodness was in store with these chocolate almonds!
Once again we found ourselves loving the balance of crunchy oven roasted almonds and smooth milk chocolate.

All these chocolate covered goodies reminded me of christmas.
At christmas time we always have those jars of chocolate covered fruit and nuts that line the stores during the holiday season. 

don't run!
Yes, this box too had licorice!
I know alot of you aren't licorice fans - but does chocolate make it any better?

I was suprised by how big these were,
they definitely weren't shy on the licorice front!
but they were de-lish-us. 
Last but not least, probably the cutest thing in the package. 
I loved these little gems. 
They were like mini m&m's that amped up the cuteness.

Organic sugar coated chocolate drops with crisp, fruity candy shells.
The shells were actually flavoured (m&m's with lip smackers - perhaps?) 
and had flavours like orange, passion fruit and mango.
So now I've teased your taste buds with all these treats you might be wanting to get your hands on some yourself - right?  
The Organic Times range is available at selected health-food stores around Australia so to get a list of stockists, head on over to Organic Times


So you've made it this far and I still have you?!
I think you deserve a best bloggie friend award :P

But before I go to catch up on all your lovely blogs - do tell me,
What's planned for your weekend?
and what would be your ultimate chocolate covered treat? 
Kristy received these products courtesy of Organic Times
if you'd like a review of your products, send an email to 


  1. Woah, so much chocolate! Very impressed that the dark chocolate looks so dark and shiny, and that the Gems are also so pastel-y cute.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Definitely! I think the pastel colours of the gems definitely make them even cuter!

  3. What a sweet post, Kristy! (Sorry, couldn't pass up the pun) Great photos on there and the Gems remind me of my childhood days - I would eat them like they were going out of fashion and of course I paid for that later in life. I haven't seem them around in years - you definitely made me take a walk down memory lane! :)
    Have a great Saturday afternoon!

  4. Awh i'm glad I could :) You have a great Saturday too, a sweet one to be precise! :)

  5. I LOVE chocolate-covered nuts. Any kind of nuts, as long as it's not peanuts or brazil or walnuts. I just finished my costco container of choc-covered almonds. Le sigh.

  6. I'm not a fan of chocolate covered walnuts either! I kinda find they taste dirty - is that weird?

  7. Their chocolate coated licorice is the only licorice that I like! :D

  8. Oh really? I wonder how it differs - I noticed it tasted a little different from the licorice i've been eating lately

  9. i was just looking at organic chocolate in wholefoods yesterday. choc coated macadamias would be my favourite to try :-)

  10. You should try them, They're super yummy!

  11. Kate and Lawrences' (organic times) chocolates are the best I have ever tasted. And they are really cool people, and really nice too. Kate, could you please hook me up with some dark and milk choc licorice! Will happily pay! xoxoxo