Sunday, September 5, 2010

My new love

I can honestly say:
1. These are the best crackers I have ever had in my life.
2. I have a Dr Kracker addiction
3. I will probably cry once I demolish what I've received. 

A few weeks ago I met George Eckrich at the Organic Expo here in Sydney.
George is the Director of Sales and Marketing for Dr Kracker.
This is where I first got to taste some Dr Kracker crackers.
Needless to say, I spent the whole afternoon dissatissfied by everything that I ate.
Not. Even. Kidding.

A few days later I picked up some samples of the products to review,
I could have cried when it rained consecutively for a few days.
(Rain = no sun, No sun = no photos)

But alas! The sun come out in full force and I had the hard decision of choosing which kracker to try first.
This is a problem I have alot. But i've developed a system.
When a company sends me a bulk load of their product range,
I review things by their use by date :P
So first up was the Seeded Spelt crackers
Actually... now I'm looking at the word cracker, I think I need to change it.
Much better.

But I digress, 
 The seeded spelt crackers are full of rich buttery sunflower seeds blended with the nutty flavour of sesame seeds.
Not only are these crackers good for you, they taste amazing and they're addictive too!
(read: crack-er)

Dr Kracker crackers are 100% natural and organic, full of wholegrains and seeds, protein, fibre and healthy fats with none of your nasty trans fats. 
The ingredients list makes me want to hi-5 people...
organic spelt flour, filtered water, organic sunflower seeds, organic sesame seeds, organic flaxseeds, organic spelt bran, sea salt, yeast, organic barley malt syrup
REAL ingredients! 

See, my mum saw what was in the crackers and immediately decided they would be "too healthy" for her
well didn't she eat her words! (and her crackers too!)

Dr Kracker crackers come in two sizes -  
the flat breads and the snacker tubs.

The snacker crackers are perfect for, well.. snacking! 
and the flat breads are perfect for topping with spreads 
(read: peanut butter)

The crackers are amazing on their own because they're full of flavour from all the nuts and seeds 
but they're also good with spreads, dips, cheeses, salads - you name it. 
I'm just going to put it out there and say everything.
They are also super crunchy! and I mean super crunchy
which is perfect if you're like me! 

There's one problem with these crackers (read: crack-ers)
they are seriously addictive.
So addictive that i've become protective of them,
otherwise my dad (hi Dad!) and other members of my family, 
would have demolished them in one go.

greedy? well yeah... but hello?! crack-ers.

So until they are all devoured, 
Dr Kracker and I will be having regular lunch dates..
and snacking dates..
Okay well we'll be spending alot of time together. 

 And (exciting news!) there will soon be stockists of Dr Kracker in Australia!
as soon as I find out where I will be letting you know!
But - if you're a lucky duck who lives in the US, check out the list of retail locations
or buy online at their online store or with other online vendors

These crackers have even changed my view on people giving me gifts - 
Family and friends, I know I said no christmas presents
but I never said anything about Christmas Crackers eh-eh?

So tell me, 
is there a food product that you absolutely ADORE?!
and what do you suggest for a cracker obsession? 

Kristy received these crackers courtesy of Dr Kracker, she wasn't paid for the review - her obsession with these crackers is entirely truthful. If you'd like a review of your products, send an email to


  1. My current addiction is anything with cheese.. I picked up some Cheds on the weekend. They are not as good as I remember them to be. Cheese in a biscuit I could eat all day. So not good for me either!

  2. I love cheese! Especially strong vintage cheddar.
    You should try the country cheese biscuits - they're way cheesier than cheds :P

    1. bullshit nothing is cheesier than cheds

    2. That's crap, nothing is cheesier than cheds.
      This is untrue and simply cruel

  3. Every blogger I've read who's tried these has loved them! I need to get my hands on some!

  4. Definitely! They're soooo good! :)
    Buttt, be warned! They're addictive :P

  5. Hehe as soon as I find out the stockists I'll post! :D

  6. Hehe I tried these too, they are super crunchy and packed with seeds!

  7. My favourite from what I tried at the organic expo is the pumpkin cheddar, so I can't wait to open that box :P

  8. You have to try the hummus flavor! So good :) I love these crack-ers too!

  9. a cracker a day keeps the doctor away.. well not dr. kraker that is.. he just comes back for more lol.

    i need to try these sometime!!


  10. Allie - I really really want to try the hummus ones - So far in Australia we only have the seedlander, seeded spelt, pumpkin cheddar and the klassic 3 seed. But i'm definitely going to make my boyfriend bring me some other flavours :P
    Kelsey - I think that may just become my new mantra :P