Tuesday, September 7, 2010

the ramblings of a grocery store addict

If I had a book written about me, 
that would probably be the title. 

I love grocery shopping, food shopping in general really.
I can (and do, if given the chance) spend hours wandering up and down the aisles searching for new products and things i've never seen before. 
When I do find a new product, I'm like a kid at christmas. 
My brain goes into overdrive as I come up with all the things I could do with it.  

My food shopping love isn't a new thing, I've always been the one who wanted to tag along to the grocery store
and apparently as a baby grocery shopping (or shopping of any sort) was a sure fire way to cheer me up.
See, smart baby :P

But as I've gotten older my grocery store addiction has become a little more extreme,
probably because of the latest challenge i've set myself..
I must try one new thing each week

This is because of my constant yearning for variety and spontaneity in my food.
Food shopping has become something I do for fun 
(yes, you did read right.. I am actually eighteen and not an old woman in disguise) 

My favourite day of the week has become Tuesday because its the day where I spend my morning loading a cart full to the brim with fresh fruit and vegetables at the fruit market.
This also means my least favourite day is Monday. Not because its the start of the week, but because my fruit and vegetable supply become dismally obsolete.
I'm left with a sad looking fridge and a lack of choice for lunch or dinner.

While I realise that these aren't your average eighteen year old's actions or addictions,
I couldn't care less, because last time I checked, the unwritten social code of being a teenager is complete baloney! :P
But anyhow, my loves
Happy hump day!
 Does anyone else think the term "hump day" is kind of awkward?
I think it depends entirely on who you say it to, or who says it to you.. 
But it can be a little creepy, Especially when your middle aged teacher greets you with the phrase.

I'm off to spend my day with a bit of retail therapy. This time in the form of clothes shopping (if I can keep myself away from the home ware shops for long enough). Have a wonderous hump day! More on that home wares obsession another time :P

But before you go, tell me - 
How do you feel about grocery shopping? 


  1. Yes, hump day has always sounded strangely dirty to me...!

  2. I LOVE grocery shopping, and it was one of the highlights of my week going with my mum on Saturdays when I was little. As for hump day, it feels awkward for me to say it, partly because it sounds dirty, partly because it seems like such an American thing to say. That photo is beautiful by the way, well done :)

  3. Yes, I feel the same way about 'Hump Day'.. hrmmm

    BUT - I love grocery shopping too! :)

  4. I love grocery shopping now. The boy offered to take me on a spending spree at Colonial Markets as part of my anniversary present, but paid for dinner at Movida instead. At the moment I feel the need to buy nice olive oil!

  5. Rita - :P
    Jasmine - Thankyou!!
    Anna - Seems like hump day is awkward for everyone hehe :P
    Shellie - I think you just confirmed that you have found the right man :P

  6. First off I love that it is already hump day for you and I'm just going to bed! I am the same way with the grocery store. I swear we really were meant to be bloggie friends. Some people need retail therapy...I need grocery therapy. I get all giddy and could spend hours there. Glad to know I'm not alone!!

  7. Allie - I think we were definitely destined to be bloggie friends :P Hope you have an excellent hump day when it finally makes its way to you! :D

  8. hehe I also love grocery shopping! I could spend hours there although I like to go to new places as they have different produce :)

  9. I love grocery shopping too! I used to find it boring- before I realised how many interesting things there were in the supermarket!! My parents take a long time in the supermarket anyway but they still usually have to wait for me after they pay and everything....haha

  10. we are so similar!! haha i am so addicted and im at the grocery store more than id like to admit.. hmm..like everyday! and i always leave with a new idea and a new product i think i NEED! <3

    btw i just commented on ur post where u linked my blog too: http://ksayerphotography.blogspot.com/2010/09/sweet-saturday-sharing-time.html


  11. Lorraine - I do the same! And that's another reason why i'll shop at small asian supermarkets and specialty stores
    Von - Haha my parents are always trying to hurry me along, once I even had an old lady say "it's okay lovey - I like to have a browse as well!"

  12. Kels - Most definitely haha, I always read things in your posts and i'm like..... are you kidding?! we are extremely alike!

  13. I love grocery shopping too! For someone who dreams of the next meal at every meal, you gotta be grocery shopper, eh! ;-)

    Beautiful shot of that orchid! Love the light!

  14. Oh I missed this post! I LOOOVE grocery shopping! I've recently been able to go all by myself, without kids, and I've already discovered so many new things! I could spend HOURS in the grocery store! I try to make one nice dinner via a recipe once a week, and then make other made-up dinners with the leftover ingredients, and also a couple different desserts through the week.

  15. Shopping without the little ones would definitely be easier and give you way more time to browse! I love grocery shopping by myself, my mum (who I usually shop with) can sometimes dart off and rush around the store and i'm left meandering the aisles alone :P