Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh, the things you learn!

I wanted to share with you something that totally grossed me out.
No, it's not about radishes... but they gross me out too.

Does anyone else think that radishes taste like dirt? spicy dirt... ew
They're one vegetable I could never like.

but I digress... 

Recently I found out that,
babies are born without knee caps.

I have no idea why, but it totally freaked me out. 
Even more so when I found out that babies learn to crawl WITHOUT KNEECAPS!
they don't grow until about the age of three. 

But then I realised, 
that is why it's so uncomfortable to crawl.. 
Have you ever tried crawling around like a baby?
after a while it really starts to hurt. 

and this is totally the most random thing I have ever posted.
So if after this post, I have no readers.. I totally understand.
Never did I think i'd write a post about knee caps..

But anyway, 
I'm the type of person that likes to know stuff
and when I mean stuff, I really mean a whole bunch of useless information.
I'm a bit of a sponge, you see. 

Like if you gave me any random topic, 
I could probably tell you a bunch of things about it
try me!

So tell me, 
What's something you found out that totally shocked you?
Any random facts?

I can't believe I just wrote a whole post about knee caps...
I just thought I needed to share :P


  1. LOL!

    First of all, I LOVE radishes!

    Second of all, WHAT? I've had 3 babies and I never knew they born without kneecaps! That's freaking me out a little too! :D

  2. I did know that, but I didn't know they didn't form until age 3!

    I used to be full of random facts... now I've forgotten them all. ummm.... think... think..
    The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue!

  3. I drive my family nuts by reciting random facts. I always get told to "stop thinking so much"

  4. What an interesting fact.
    i love learning about weird things too

  5. Hello Kristy,

    I was shocked yesterday when I read that Johnny Depp said only 169 words in the movie Edward Scissorhands and he fainted once while shooting because his costume was too tight and made of leather and the weather was too hot. I didnt know it till now despite the fact its one of my most favourite movies. I think you may like the site omgfacts if you dont know it yet, its full of random facts :)

  6. So funny! I actually did know that but just because I took anatomy in high school. So bizarre!

  7. haha i know right.. babies are like jelly fish basically lol.

    recently i found out that in order to make a muffin rise really big you have to set the temperature of the oven really high when u first put them in. the first 10 min is when the muffin actually if the temp is hot, it will rise more. then once they are in u put the temp back down to normal and continue to bake them as you would normally. haha, it was quite fascinating to read :)


  8. Nina - Woww, that's not many words at all! I'm definitely going to check out that site
    Allie - Anatomy sounds like a cool class to take - too bad we never had options like that here!
    Kelsey - Ooh, I'm definitely going to try that! I hate sunken muffins :(

  9. Just a note on Kelsey's comment - I agree that that often works! I use it on my cupcakes sometimes. BUT, I personally have found that it only works with THICK batter. If you try it with thin watery batter, it will still rise of course, but you'll get lava-like mounds flowing down from the top and they get baked on all lumpy. :)

    Also, Kristy, I must have no idea what kneecaps feel like because I checked Miles' knees but they don't feel any different from mine or Emma's, except smaller! I think I need a refresher course in anatomy!

  10. Thanks for the tip :)
    and how weird!