Friday, September 24, 2010

Sweet Saturday: Double trouble!

hey, you!
it's Sweet Saturday once again!

I've had the most jumbled up week
but, I officially finished high school.

A little bit stupid if you ask me, though..
I don't see why they hold the graduation ceremonies before we finish our final exams.
It's kind of like you have to graduate twice.
Once when you finish learning at school and then again when you're finally finished with school altogether.

But nonetheless, I'm extremely happy! 
and the gorgeous spring weather we've been having is definitely amping up my mood.

So, what can I tempt you with this morning.... 
Soft, rich, buttery shortbread?
Or how about some crisp ANZAC biscuits?

Both?! Are you kidding me... 
Brilliant idea! :P

There's something about a tin of biscuits that reminds me of old women.
I didn't even grow up around my grand mother, 
but every year at Christmas she would give tins of biscuits to everyone.
I also had a number of older family friends who I associated with the infamous biscuit tin. 

I was sent some Cripps shortbread to try 
and I think it could have been the softest packaged short bread I've tried.

Cripps Shortbread is super rich and buttery and has even been voted as the top branded shortbread by both Choice Magazine and The Age (in 2005). 
I could definitely agree.

If you put these shortbread out on a plate, and gave me one to try..
I'd have absolutely no idea that they came from a packet.
I'd be too busy crowning you the shortbread king or queen :P

Upon opening the packet you could tell they were going to be good
as the rich, buttery smell filled the air. 

 I was also sent their ANZAC biscuits
made from Australian butter, golden syrup and rolled oats.
These biscuits were super crisp and golden with that well-loved ANZAC flavour.
Definitely a hit with my crunch loving mum.

I prefer my ANZAC biscuits soft, chewy and fresh out of the oven. 
But these were definitely something i'd think to keep in the cupboard.

You can purchase Cripps biscuits at their Online Shop or at a Retailer near you! 
(Att: Nanna ... Christmas is fast approaching!)


So, do you associate "the biscuit tin" with anyone you know?
and which do you prefer - soft and chewy or crisp and crunchy?

I'm off to eat my bowl of apple pie oatmeal and wait around until I can leave for the farmer's markets!
I hope you all have a spectacular weekend doing whatever you have (or don't have) planned! :)

Kristy received Cripps biscuits courtesy of
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  1. I think I prefer certain cookies and biscuits chewy...but not all, and it kind of depends on what mood I'm in! Haha, I'm definitely not picky!

    And I love tins. I collect lots of little ones. Not that I know what to do with them =p

  2. Well it's a win win situation for you then isn't it! :P hehe

  3. :P Another one who gets the best of both worlds! I definitely prefer a soft, chewy cookie. I've never actually been a big fan of packaged biscuits for that reason.

  4. Great shot. And your shortbread looks delicious too.

  5. Yum, more fabulous pictures of yummy food. And ongratulations on your graduation. Hope you get fantastic exam results.

  6. Thanks! I've just gotten all my trial exam results back and was pleased with those, so here's hoping the actual exams are the same!

  7. Congratulations on finishing High School Kristy! What a momentous occasion! :D

  8. i love soft, chewy, AND crunchy!! lol, am i a bit high maitenance..well that or i just like my cookies a particular way ;)

    i dont really associate muffin tins with people except one that i got from an elderly man at christmas. he's so cute, and would buy the same brand each year. i love keeping cookie tins tho, they come in handy :)


  9. Lorraine - Thank you :D
    Kelsey - Actually, now I've come to think of it.. I don't mind a little crunchy edge on my soft and chewy cookies :P Haha.