Friday, October 15, 2010

Exam schmam

it's saturday again!

Unfortunately, this post is once again lacking sweet treats.
I still have computer gremlins!
But I thought i'd write a quick post to let anyone interested know how my HSC exams are going.

So far i've done my Business Studies paper and first English Paper.
Business was a breeze, and English was way better than expected.
However english exams always seem to be the ones that explode my brain.
Why? Because they are mind numbingly boring and full of writing.

Throughout the week i've had little moments where i've squealed in delight as i've come to realise that:
1. I'll never have to look at another business text book again (it's time for real life stuff!) 
2. I will never, ever have to study poetry again

The HSC isn't all that teachers are other students make it out to be.
It's not that bad. 
Sure, you have to spend a good hunk of your time writing out boring essays and answering multiple choice questions
but it's not the end of the world, and I can think of 100+ other things that are way worse.

Plus, by October 26th, I'll never have another exam to do :) 

So, my exam tips?
1. Eat Breakfast!
2. Make a checklist of all the equipment you need, and check it
3. Relax
4. Remember you can only do your best
5. Read, read, read and re-read the questions
6. Scribble down ideas as they pop into your head (especially in English!) 

Sure, I'm not sitting my exams to get the highest of high scores,
or a good UAI or ATAR or whatever.
I'm sitting my exams so I can say "Hi I'm Kristy and i've managed to survive 13 years of school" 
Actually no, I don't know why i'd say that.. but hey, at least I can! 

Really i'm just sitting these exams for me 
to say that i've done them
and to really move on from school. 

Here's hoping there's much bigger things coming my way. 

So tell me, 
How has your week been?
and what subject did you DESPISE at school? 


  1. You're so lucky you finish on the 26th!! That's like.....two weeks for you?? I finish on the 4th =( *sigh* English is my worst subject, so not only do I find it boring, but I hate it with passion =)I love my english teacher, but that's not enough for me to stop hating the subject...haha. I'm also glad I'll never have to study poetry again!! And shakespeare.... YAY!!

  2. ahhhhh.... exams.

    I was horrible at maths when it came to high school.

    good luck with the rest! x

  3. Von - I am lucky, and so grateful haha! You poor thing :( But hopefully that means your exams are spaced out! Yay for us!!

    Shellie - Thank you :D!

  4. Good luck on your exams :) Hope it isn't too stressful! You'll do great!

  5. Good luck Kristy! Do your best - that's all anyone can ask of you.

    Oh, and a final exam tip, go easy on the caffeine if you drink tea/coffee... I drank WAY too much in my final year of school, I became quite dependent on the stuff! Not a good thing...

  6. Anna - Thank you, and that's definitely what i'm aiming for :)
    I'm not a coffee/tea drinker - I actually can't tolerate caffeine, it's quite odd. Even a strong tiramisu can make me jittery.

  7. i feel like your the most relaxed student ever. seriously, very grown up with your list & all.

    when your done, we'll celebrate together!

  8. Haha, I definitely think I have a more laid back attitude towards the HSC than alot of other people. I've heard people talking about how they study a minimum of 6 hours per day and i'm like SAYYYYYYYWHAAAAAAT?
    In reality, it's just an exam :P

  9. Glad to hear that it's going well! I hated maths at school sooo much :(

  10. Awh, I just did my maths exam yesterday, so I'm finished with maths forever! I liked the financial side of maths at school - but the rest I wasn't too keen on.