Friday, October 8, 2010

A not-so-sweet Saturday: The case of the photo hog

so this Sweet Saturday post is a litttttle different,
well... alot different than I planned.
You see, there's this person... lets call him.. C.F,
he gets taken everywhere, trusted with the job of keeping photos safe.
Usually, C.F is a good guy
but this week?
C.F is a photo hog.

Okay okay, enough of that.
I'm talking about my Compact Flash drive.
This week it decided it wasn't going to share my photos
and instead plans on keeping them for itself. 

I don't think so!

Luckily I have a computer genius Dad and hopefully he will be able to get C.F to surrender my photos
and then I can share what I was planning to post!

But i'll give you some clues. 
It's a little bit nutty, a little bit sweet and you can even have it for breakfast.
Any guesses?  

But anyway! 
Next week marks the start of my HSC
also known as the beginning of the end
But the beginning of the nicest end in the history of the world ;)

I can not wait to finish school.

So tell me, 
Does technology frustrate you as much as it frustrates me?
and what can't you wait for?

The worst possible time for computers and things to go bad, 
always seems to be when you need them most.
Unfortunately, my sister has the worst luck when it comes to computers,
many a time she's gone to finish the last tiny bit of her assignment (on the day its due, of course)
only to have her computer gobble it up like a kid in a candy store. 

Have a fantastic weekend! :)


  1. good luck for the exams missy!
    My computer often frustrates me!

    ... I'm looking forward to that time just after Christmas where everyone enjoys being lazy in the summer time :)

  2. Thanks so much Shellie!
    Oh my goodness, I can't wait for that time too! The best time of year!

  3. Best of luck with the HSC Kristy! Let us know how they go won't you? :)

  4. Thanks Lorraine! I definitely will :)

  5. Good luck with your exam!! Technology frustrates me too especially with my computer but I am lucky hubby works in IT so I have a 24hrs help desk :)

  6. Thanks Ellie!
    I'm lucky my dad is a techno-genius so he can always fix things - it just sucks when he's away for work and I'm stuck with a broken computer! I really need to learn how to fix things myself

  7. Good luck for the exams! Don't stress over them too much (seriously). It will be over before you know it and then you'll have to face the big bad world...

    I can't wait for my holidays down to the South Coast with my bf, it will be a week relaxing at the many beaches and eating oysters from a farm Mmmmm...

  8. Oh... and are my eyes playing on me? But is that a jumbo size palmier?

  9. Thank you!
    Your holiday sounds amazing! And yes, that is a jumbo size palmier :P Courtesy of EQ markets