Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fairy dust?

On the weekend I woke up to warm weather and sun!
Knowing it probably wouldn't last, 
I quickly rushed outside clutching my breakfast in one hand and a book in another. 

Something I haven't done in a while (thanks to the HSC) is read a book that I wanted to.
My poor brain was subjected to enough words that I thought it needed a break from the literary universe. 

The book I was clutching as I walked outside wasn't a novel,
but a cookbook.  

While I love immersing myself in a good novel, 
I love reading cookbooks.
Especially if they provide more information than how many grams of flour i'll need in my chocolate cake. 

I don't think you could really classify The Salt Book as just a cookbook.
It's a bit of an encyclopedia of salt.

Sure, you might be thinking "Salt? Kristy are you kidding me! Next post! Pronto!"
but hold that thought! 
Seasoning your food is one of the most important parts of cooking.
Surely you've been in the kitchen, cooking something for dinner when you taste it and think "hmmm... it's missing something"
You rack through your brain thinking basil? paprika? pepper? garlic? 
What about salt?

Salt is the primary seasoning ingredient in the kitchen,
you even use it in baking! 

Your pasta sauce may taste a little flat and dead, add a sprinkle of salt.
Just a sprinkle! Like fairy dust!

Too much is too much but salt can really open up flavours. 

The salt book is a guide to all the different types of salt available, 
even giving you tips on which salts to use in which dishes. 

The Salt Book takes salt from something that sits on your kitchen table,
to something that can completely transform a dish. 

  The salt wise chapter looks at the different salt varieties and their differing tastes
and looks at how much salt is too much. 

But The Salt Book isn't just a salt encyclopedia,
its filled with gorgeous pictures and mouthwatering recipes 
as well as cooking tips. 

The collection of recipes is excellent, from your "perfect steak" to an exotic green papaya salad,
the Salt Book teaches you how to add another dimension to your food using salt. 

You can purchase The Salt Book online from Arbon Publishing

Now think about it, 
some foods just need salt.

Avocados can be bland and boring, but add a sprinkle of salt and the flavour comes alive. 
As a child, one of my favourite foods was an egg tomato with the top cut off, sprinkled with sea salt and cracked pepper - actually, it still is. 
I always add a little salt to my oatmeal as it's cooking on the stove - it improves the flavour tenfold. 
Peanut butter and salt is the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

I could go on for days,  
but do tell me...
When do you reach for the salt? 

Kristy received The Salt Book courtesy of Arbon Publishing,
If you'd like a review of your book or product send an email to ksayerphotography@gmail.com



  1. I love reading cookbooks too! And I love those which aren't only recipes too =) I only used to use cookbooks for recipes but then I started reading the other information and it's really interesting! This book sounds really interesting too.....salt is something that I usually mindlessly throw into something =)

  2. I use a pinch of salt when I am brewing coffee in the coffee machine and believe me, it improves the taste!

    Love the photos and the book definitely sounds interesting!

  3. Von - I have piles of cookbooks randomly throughout my house from where I read them :P
    Toni - I'm not a coffee drinker, but that sounds intriguing! I'll have to tell my mum :P

  4. I must say that I reach for salt a lot but only if necessary as I try not to add too much. but good quality salt only please :)

  5. I definitely agree with the good quality salt! I'm definitely NOT a fan of table salt - Murray River pink salt is my favourite.

  6. Oh my gosh I am the worst with salt! I use it way too much because I just like the way it makes things taste! So bad, I need to change that.

  7. I probably use it a little too much as well - But then again, I'm not too worried as I eat very little processed foods so I'm not eating lots of hidden salt