Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rehab? Say what?!

If you've read my blog before, you'll know that I love vegetables - and fruits!
I'm the girl who would rather pack food to take with her, than eat in a food court because she can't stand wilted salads or vegetables that lack an audible crunch. 

When someone asks me what my ultimate favourite food is, I have to think a little bit...
How am I supposed to pick between a fresh, sweet carrot or a juicy mango,
then there's apples too! 

I have family and friends who look at me like I'm some kind of alien
as I drool over a plate of vegetables and glance over a tray of cookies. 
Sure, I like cookies too - but if a cookie and a banana were in a battle for my heart,
the banana would win without a fight. 

While I absolutely 100% refuse to label foods "good" or "bad" (because I believe anything is fine in moderation) 
I do take some care with what I put in my body. 

For me, this is about filling my body with the nutrients it needs and not pumping it full of chemicals and additives.
Because, would I eat those chemicals on their own? hmm... nope. 

I like to see ingredients labels that are written in plain english and not look at a label and question whether the manufacture was fluent in Jibberish. 

One of my favourite companies keep their labels in plain english, making their products even tastier!
I've talked about my Dr Kracker addiction before, and I have to tell you... 
It's gotten worse.

This girl needs full blown Dr Kracker Addict rehab.

These Seedlander Crackers are to die for.
and I'm not even exaggerating

Not only do you get the crunch and nuttyness of millet, pumpkin seeds, sesame, flax and poppy seeds 
but you get a slight sweetness from molasses.

It's a perfect balance of sweet and savoury.
My favourite topping for the Seedlander Flatbreads? 
Definitely avocado with swiss cheese and a sprinkle of pink salt flakes.
Nutty, sweet, crunchy, soft, salty.. mmm!

In fact, they're so good that you'll probably hide the box from your family and friends
and start questioning "Are these really healthy?!?" 

Yes, my friends.. 
these crackers are good for you.
Actually, they're even better because they taste good.
Because really, what's the point in eating food just because "it's healthy"
if it doesn't taste good? 

Wholegrain spelt flour
Pumpkin Seeds
Agave Syrup 
Sesame Seeds
Spelt Bran 
Sea Salt
Barley Malt Syrup 

If you're like my mother, you'd take one look at that ingredient list and think hrmmm.. too healthy for me

Go out, get yourself some Dr Kracker crackers
and I can guarantee you won't be thinking "too healthy"
you'll be thinking "HOLY YUM! If healthy tastes this good bring. it. on."

So, I may have had a tear threatening to run down my face as I ate the last cracker of the box. 
But lunch just isn't the same without the Dr Kracker crunch.

But do tell me, 
What would your ultimate lunch be? 
and what's your favourite "Healthy" food?

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  1. oh food court food... can't remember the last time I had to bring myself to eat in one!

    My healthy food... prob at the moment is bircher muesli.... oats, fruits, nuts = yum!

    My ultimate lunch? It's at the Melba room - the best buffet in Melbourne... and I only discovered they do dessert naan on my last visit! (hope to blog it soon)

    Have a great Friday!

  2. I haven't eaten in a food court in a long long time :P
    I love my packed lunches, because at least then I know what i'm eating is exactly what I want and I know it'll taste good.

    Bircher muesli is delicious! I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can get back into muesli for breakfast :D

    Dessert naan sounds really interesting! I hope you blog it soon too! I'm intrigued.