Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy birthday blog!

that's right! 
One year ago today I started my little blog :)

I've grown a lot in a year, as has my blog - and I'd like to think my photography has too!
My first ever post was a picture and a caption, and that's it. 
I didn't write anything because I never thought anyone would find my blog.

Little did I know the seemingly giant internet isn't so giant afterall. 
Soon enough people started reading my blog and commenting - and I was shocked.
Why would you want to look at my pictures? or read what I thought?
Surely I wasn't interesting! 

In the past year I have met some of the most incredible people. 
Bloggers who have become fantastic friends,
food manufacturers who have helped me out as I've helped them out,
marketing people who have kept me "in the loop"
and readers whose comments make me smile to no avail. 

I am so grateful for each and every person who reads my blog. 
I don't know where I'd be if I hadn't started blogging,
who knows If I'd have continued with my photography in the way I have.
I wouldn't have had the opportunities I have had, or met the people who inspired me to keep pushing forward
and I wouldn't have the fantastic friends I have today.

So thank you,
from the bottom of my heart.
If I could, I'd bake you all cute little cupcakes
but for now I guess a picture will have to do
(hopefully I'll still be blogging when they come up with cool technology where you can get a cupcake from the computer - but until then I OWE YOU :D)

So, I decided my blog needed some cupcake love on its birthday.

I had been sent a bunch of Melinda's Gluten Free Goodies baking mixes to review  
and these Sweet Caramel Cakes seemed PERFECT! 

I've had a few friends who were Coeliacs and I experienced just how hard it can be to cater for specific dietary needs. 
I remember going to birthday parties with my coeliac friends who had to bring their own food and cakes to enjoy
and fussing over recipes for dinner parties where my coeliac friends were in attendance. 

These mixes make it so easy! 
and unlike alot of gluten free products - they taste fantastic!
They'd be perfect to whip up for an afternoon tea with your coeliac friends. 

Each box has a cake premix and a sachet of rich gooey caramel 
(really, it should contain two sachets of caramel so you can eat one yourself :P) 
and all you have to do is add eggs and butter. 

One tip though, 
make sure you grease the tins REAAAAAALLLY well or they'll stick - and you'll be presenting your friends with separate cupcake tops and bottoms  
(though, if they're like me and love crunchy tops - you can pretend it was intentional)

They're gluten free, wheat free and yeast free
and so so yummy!

 One of the first thing I did after trying the cakes was email my coeliac friends to let them know how good they were!
and it's so easy to get your hands on some
Head to your local Franklins, IGA or Woolworths
Have a look at your nearest health food store
 or head to one of the many online stores that stock Melinda's products.


Now, I'm hoping that next year I'll still be blogging
and celebrating ksayerphotography's SECOND birthday
and I hope you will all be with me too!
Once again thank you so so so so much
for inspiring me
encouraging me
reassuring me
supporting me
and helping me to create opportunities for my photography to grow and expand.

Here's hoping for a bigger and brighter future for ksayerphotography
filled with exciting new adventures! 

But do tell me,
What's your favourite dessert treat? 
and How do you celebrate your birthday? any traditions?

Kristy received Melinda's cake mixes courtesy of
If you'd like a review of your products, send an email to 


  1. Happy birthday to your blog!! I couldn't possibly pick just one favourite sweet treat.

  2. Thank you! I don't think I could either!

  3. Happy Blog Birthday!! x Here's to many more years to come :)

  4. Happy Blogiversary. you've come along way and it's great to see how your passion has grown. happy eating for the next year of blogging and beyond! :-)

  5. Shellie - Thank you!
    Simon - Definitely! Thank you so much :)

  6. Happy Blog Birthday, Kristy!
    Here's to you, and to an amazing year ahead.
    Those cupcakes look divine, as does your photography - I can't wait until they invent virtual cupcakes ;)

    Birthdays aren't birhdays without candles, birthday wishes, balloons and lots of love.


  7. I hope they invent virtual cupcakes soon! :P

  8. Congratulations Kristy! May there be many more! :)

  9. Happy blog birthday Kristy! May there be many more posts to come :)

  10. Happy 1 year to your blog! That is a great accomplishment. I love following your blog and watching you become more successful. I can't wait to keep reading and am so glad we've become blog friends :)

  11. Happy First to your blog! Isn't that great! And you've done such a great job with your heart warming stories, beautiful photos and all the news about the delicious eats out there! Well done and wish your blog many more years of growing! :)

  12. Allie - Thank you so much!
    Toni - I'm so glad my blog is enjoyable for you as it is for me to write it! Here's hoping for many more bloggie birthdays :D