Friday, November 26, 2010

Sweet Saturday: Chocoholic

Chocolate - it's thought to have been around for at least three thousand years
with it's earliest documented use at around 1100 BC. 
Surely something that's been around that long has to be good - right? 
Chocolate is one of the most popular food types and flavours in the world.

I don't know about you, but I love chocolate.
Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate - as long as it's good, I'll take it in any form.

When I was younger I would only eat Cadbury chocolate - dairy milk, crunchie, fruit and nut, top deck etcetcetc. 
If you had have presented me with anything else, I wouldn't have touched it. 

As I got older I found myself moving away from Cadbury chocolate and becoming more interested in rich dark chocolate.
But I still have a love for the chocolate contained in that signature purple wrapper.

I'm sure you can imagine my excitement when I opened a package to find SIX blocks of chocolate from Alter Eco
It was like Christmas had come early!
Afterall, chocolate is one of the most popular holiday gifts.

Alter Eco chocolate is made from the finest organic cocoa and cane sugar that's grown exclusively by small-scale farmers.
This means sustainable farming methods are used to preserve local agriculture biodiversity.
So I guess you could call it guilt free chocolate?

Each of the six blocks were a different flavour, 
but they were all delicious. 

Dark Chocolate Twist 
 a block of rich dark chocolate with pieces of crystallised orange peel
much like a sophisticated version of a jaffa. 

Dark Chocolate Mint
bittersweet chocolate paired with the refreshing taste of mint
a perfect way to finish off a meal! 
This block had to be my favourite - I love the combination of mint and chocolate

Dark Chocolate Blackout
one for the true dark chocolate connoisseur,
an intense block with 85% cocoa.
If you're after a strong chocolate block - this one is definitely for you!

 Dark Chocolate Cacao
a rich block of chocolate with 73% cocoa and crunchy roasted cacao nibs.
This probably takes the place as my second favourite because I love the balance of the bitter cacao nibs with the sweet chocolate

Dark Chocolate Almond
a delicious dark chocolate block with generous chunks of crunchy roasted almonds.

Dark Chocolate Velvet
a dark chocolate block with a touch of milk chocolate
perfect for those who aren't quite a fan of dark chocolate yet. 

Just re-reading those flavours makes me want more
and perhaps you want to try them for yourself? 
Have a look at Alter Eco's Stockist List
I just saw that there's one right by my house - any guesses where I'm heading today? 

Once again it's the weekend! 
I have my fingers and toes crossed that the lovely weather of late will stick around
(pleaaaaaaaase mother nature - I'll make you chocolate PB!) 

What are your plans for this weekend?
and what's your favourite chocolate combination?  

Have a SUPER Sweet Saturday Lovelies :)

Kristy received Alter Eco chocolate courtesy of
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  1. Love chocolate! Although seem not to crave it as much as I get older. Didn't discover proper dark chocolate until my early twenties but still have a soft nostalgic spot for chocolate bars from childhood.

  2. 85% dark chocolate!? YES PLEASE!
    That chocolate sounds absolutely amazing.

    I haven't had chocolate in far too long - I remember loving those turkish delight chocolate bars in my younger years.

    Oh, nostalgia.

  3. Rita - I'm the same, I don't often get chocolate cravings - but maybe that's because I just eat it whenever I please :P

    Eleanor - I got so excited when I saw the little 85% tag! Soon you will have chocolate, m'dear :D

  4. Interesting, I've never seen this brand of chocolate before! :o

  5. I hadn't either! But it's delicious :)