Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's party time

 So exams are over and it's formal season 
hair, makeup, dresses, suits, ties, killer shoes and lots and lots of hairspray!

Yesterday I took some photos for my gorgeous friend Monique before her formal, 
here are just two with her beautiful pup, Bella. 
I have a couple more photos i'm going to share with you in another post so keep your eyes peeled!

This week has gone pretty fast for me, 
I think the enthusiastic attitude I talked about in my last post helped alot!

The rest of my week will involve cake baking,
party organising and lots of cooking! 
Talk about a perfect week :D

I'm getting more and more excited for christmas as the days pass,
santa in the shopping malls,
christmas music in stores,
christmas goodies lining the shelves
this is definitely the best time of year!

But before I can fully immerse myself in christmas spirit,
I have to get past my sister's birthday (which is this saturday)
but... I may have to secretly eat out of my brand new christmas dinnerware before then :P

But do tell me, 
what's your favourite time of year?
and how do you feel about the silly season?


  1. I love the portraits, but my fav is the one on the right! Love the way she's looking down and petting Bella.

    Happy birthday to your sister. Hope you have a great time. My favourite time of the year is anytime I'm doing something special and exciting. For this year it has to be Christmas because I'm going to be visiting friend in San Francisco. :)

    Have a great weekend!
    - Toni

  2. Christmas in San Francisco sounds like fun! Make sure you enjoy every second :)

  3. I had my formal yesterday too! =) Love your photos....wish I had someone like you to photograph me =P Your week sounds awesome! Definitely a perfect week =) I love christmas too- it's so exciting when there's christmas things popping up everywhere and shops start playing christmas music!

  4. I wish christmas lasted all year round! But then people say it wouldn't be fun, but I can guarantee I'd still think it was :P