Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bouncing into the week

Why hello there!
I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
Once again, it's a new week
and this week, I'm bouncing into the week full of life
and ready to take on whatever gets thrown at me. 

The weather doesn't seem to be sharing my enthusiasm, however.
But that's okay!

I'm excited for this week,
It'll involve lots of cake making 
and party preparations because it's my sister's birthday on the weekend. 

I love having people over
and having an excuse to try out new recipes and spend hours in the kitchen.
I don't know how anyone could say they don't like cooking. 

When I was younger I always looked forward to my birthdays,
I don't think I had many birthdays that weren't themed
or planned right down to the smallest detail. 

I had an American themed birthday party, countless fairy parties, disco parties
and I even had a pirate themed sweet sixteenth.

And the best thing about birthdays as a kid?
Getting to spend hours looking through Australian Women's Weekly cookbooks trying to decide which cake i'd get mum to make me that year
and then going through other party cookbooks begging my mum to make me ridiculous party treats. 

As I get older, birthdays have become less important
and now my excitement is focused on dinner parties and other people's birthdays.
Any excuse to plan a party is fine with me! Even if its just a few family friends coming over for a BBQ.

So tell me, 
What did you look forward to when your birthday came around?

Have a fantastic week! 


  1. The only two parties I ever remember having were 1) at an Ice-Creamery when I was seven and 2) a pink themed birthday and we went shopping! I never did much for my birthday, and don't have many happy birthday memories - I know, the horror, right? I was always more excited for everyone elses birthday parties!

    My mum loathes cooking and baking. But the kitchen is where I thrive!

    I hope you start out your week wonderfully.

  2. An ice cream party would be so good! Especially if the weather is warm - unfortunately my birthday is in winter! I always wanted a pool party - but swimming when it's FREEZING isn't exactly fun.

    That just means that you should make super happy birthday memories on your next birthday <3

  3. Aww,, this is really adorable! Love the DoF of this image.

    No birthday celebrations for me. Once you've hit the other side of the big 4-oh, you want to forget your birthdays! lol

    Have a great week ahead,

  4. Thanks Toni! I already started wanting to forget my birthdays and i'm only eighteen :P

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  5. I absolutely love birthdays too and bizarrely I like giving presents just as much as I like getting them so I understand why you're so excited about your sister's birthday! :D

  6. Giving presents is the one of the best feelings! I can't wait to give my sister her birthday presents this year :D