Friday, November 12, 2010

Sweet Saturday: Sunshine, lollipops and....

It's Sweet Saturday! 
Did the last week fly by for you?
or did it go slowwwwwwwwwwwly?

My week was a little bit muddled up.
See, On my brain wanted to think that every day since Tuesday was Friday
(wishful thinking?)
and then, all of a sudden
It was Friday!

Lollipops are probably one of the candies I associate with being a kid.
I don't think i've ever had to many lollipops where I haven't eventually given in and chomped on it though.
Have you ever noticed how much your mouth hurts after you suck on a lollipop for hours and hours?

A little while ago, Artisse sent me some products,
the first thing I noticed were these two packets of lollipops. 

I was sent both their Original and Gone Wild varieties that are:
  • Certified organic
  • Non GMO
  • Gluten, wheat, dairy, peanut and soy free
  • Vegan
  • Free from artificial colours or flavours 
oh, and I forgot to add YUM! 

My sister was my lead taste tester for this review!
and she wanted to make sure you all knew that she was the hand model
(Hi Katrina, here's the five seconds of blog-world fame you asked for) 

My favourite flavour out of all of the lollipops would have to be sour apple
and then mango comes in at a close second!

Artisse also sent me some of their organic food bars to try
I loved the bright packaging
and clear panels are always important, so you know exactly what's inside!
These bars are also gluten, wheat and dairy free
as well as being Low GI and Vegan
The All About Nuts baris filled with almonds, peanuts, brazil nuts, walnuts, raisins, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, brown rice, agave and brown rice syrup
and no funky mystery ingredients!

This was probably my favourite of the three thanks to the crunchy nuts and seeds
and juicy bursts of raisin.

The Cranberry Crunch bar started off on the right note for me thanks to its pink packaging
(my idea is that - if it's pink, it has to be good)

The bar was filled with peanuts, raisins, almonds, sesame seeds, cranberries, pumpkin seeds, brown rice and brown rice and agave syrup to naturally sweeten. 
I'm not usually the biggest fan of cranberries in bars because they're usually filled with way too many, but this bar had the perfect balance!

The Seed Delight bar was very much the same as the Cranberry Crunch bar, 
just without the cranberries - so this is perfect for a not-quite-a-cranberry-lover like me!

and to end the review on a sweet note, I was also sent their almond nougat
which was deliciously soft and chewy and filled with crunchy almonds.
and guess what! It too is gluten, wheat and dairy free :)

This is definitely a sweet treat I would consider again,
the ingredients list secured that consideration too!

Organic Corn Syrup, Organic Raw Sugar, Dry Roasted Almonds, Organic Crisp Brown Rice, Organic Egg White

Are you enjoying the sunshine as much as I am?!
or maybe you're just getting the first glimpses of winter?
I know that i'm super psyched for more sunshine, 
as is my wardrobe! 

But hey, do tell me!
What's the number one candy you associate with being a kid?

Kristy was sent Artisse products courtesy of,
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  1. Oh you are so lucky you're sent all of those goodies!
    Funnily enough, it is pouring down with rain here, and has been since 9pm last night! I would give just about anything for some sunshine on my sweet Saturday.

    Do you remember those Curly chocolate bars? They were flled with caramel and almost impossible to rip apart. But hands down, the most nostalgic of all childhood candy would be the jellybeans you buy from the chemist! Oh, jellybeans... It's been far too long!

  2. Oh no!! At least you can hope for a rainbow! :P

    If you're talking about curly wurlys, I actually have some in my chocolate stash haha. I bought some a while ago for some ridiculous price like $0.30 and I've only eaten one so far - but you reminded me I have them! They're sooo good

    Eleanor we must be clones or something because I will ONLY eat the jellybeans you get from the chemist, they taste three hundred times better!

  3. My week has flown by so so quickly....I don't know where it went =( *sigh* Oh well- I had lots of fun and I guess that's all that matters! I don't like lollies of any type so I stopped eating lollipops ages ago....haha. But I ate lollies when I was little because everyone else did and they were colourful =) The one lolly/candy I'd associate with being a kid is jelly beans- eventhough I've always hated them, I always remember the time I chose a black jellybean and then felt really really sick (I think I may have thrown up) after eating it....haha =)

  4. Fun is a good sign! Time flies by when you're having fun!

    Don't like lollies of any type?! At least you still like cakes and stuff :P

    Black jellybeans are actually my favourite, haha .

  5. Who knew lollipops could be on the healthy side?! Pretty neat :) What is the weather like there? Temperature wise! I need to live through you :)

  6. I love all of these healthy foods that we're seeing nowadays :D

  7. Allie - The weather is AMAZING it seems like summer has arrived and it's here to stay! :D

    Lorraine - Me too! especially when they're delicious healthy foods!

  8. the colors are so pretty <3 cant help but feel like a kid when i see lollipops :)
    wow almond nougat!! and the "all about nuts" one looks fantastic too!

  9. I totally agree! Lollipops are so cute and fun! :D