Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Christmas rush!

Friday already? Sheeeeeesh!
Where oh where did this week go?! 

We are on the home stretch to Christmas,
shopping centre carparks are full of manic impatient drivers trying to nab a parking space,
santas everywhere have had millions of kids pull their itchy beards,
Christmas carols randomly get stuck in your head
and Christmas t shirts and sweaters have become an acceptable wardrobe staple!

My Christmas to-do list has decreased a little, but there's still presents I need to buy! 
You know what I hate most of all - when you see the PERFECT gift in a catalog
only to hear "Sorry.. we're sold out"

But, fear not!There are always other gifts! 
and today, I have two more to show you!

For the tea connoisseur

Do you know a person who isn't a big fan of coffee but loves tea?
Or maybe they're just a big fan on their afternoon cuppa. 
I sure do! (Me included) 

Why not add some variety into their life by making them a tea hamper,
filling it with different flavours and styles and of course adding a cute cup or mug and maybe some cookies.
You could even make some home made short bread or christmas sugar cookies! 

Teekanne tea, imported by Premier Food and Beverages have a delicious green tea range with 5 different flavours.
Strawberry Lemongrass
Ginger Orange
Camomile Mint

I loved the strawberry lemongrass, it's a perfect summer tea and super refreshing. 
The spearmint green tea is also perfect for having after meals and would be super calming on an upset tummy.

For the Yogurt Lover or Healthy Holiday-er

I absolutely love yogurt, though I had never thought about making my own.
Too difficult, too messy, too time consuming - that's what I thought. 
But I was definitely proved wrong with this easiyo yogurt maker I was sent to review. 

Making your own yogurt is SO simple!
and with a Real Yogurt Maker Gift pack from Easiyo - you have the perfect gift for a yogurt fanatic like me!
You can even tailor the yogurt to suit your exact tastes. 

I love thick, tangy greek yogurt and after a quick read of the cookbook inside the gift pack 
I knew exactly how to do it! 
Before going to bed I filled the yogurt jar with water, added the sachet of yogurt mix
and followed the instructions before heading off to bed.

When I woke up the next morning, the yogurt had set and I placed the container in the fridge so it could chill before I tried it.
I had 1 kg of perfectly tangy unsweetened yogurt and it was delicious!

Easiyo have a huge range of different yogurt flavours and types. 

The family range with flavours like strawberry, banana, mango and caramel
The reduced fat range that has unsweetened apricot, berry and other reduced fat flavours
The specialty range with flavours like Greek 'n Honey, Vanilla Custard, Sweet Greek and Low fat and lactose versions
The probiotic range with flavours like nectarine and boysenberry as well as a BioMum and Organic range 
and of course the drinking yogurt range in wildberry, mango and lemon.

Best of all? You can pick up an easiyo yogurt maker and yogurt flavours at most Coles and Woolworths stores!


So hopefully I might get you thinking about what gifts you could be giving this Christmas!

But do tell me -
What do you look forward to most at Christmas? 

Kristy received Teekanne tea courtesy of and the Easiyo Gift Pack from
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