Monday, December 13, 2010

Running behind

Christmas is fast approaching.
The tree is up, the lights are on and christmas music fills the air of shopping centres.
Oh and don't forget Santa!

Speaking of Santa,
I've been a bit of a bad santa this year.
Christmas seems to have snuck up on me
and I've still yet to buy a lot of Christmas presents!
It doesn't help that I have a few recipients who are ridiculously hard to buy for.. 

I'm a bit fussy when it comes to giving gifts.
I always want to find that perfect one so that my gift isn't the one that gets shoved in the bottom of the drawer. 
(Though I still don't know whether that happens :P) 

I thought I'd share a few gift ideas with you in the days leading up til Christmas 
afterall - the holidays are a time for sharing, right?

For the Cafe Junkie
Do you know someone who just can't have a day out without stepping into a cafe (or several)
or maybe someone who has a takeaway coffee cup permanently attached to their hand?
Why not give them a cafe experience at home? 
Bondi Chai is a blend of black tea, honey, vanilla and exotic spices that is so easy to make at home
and tastes just like what you'd get in a fancy cafe (or maybe better!) 
It's usually served latte style - but the recipe section of the site has some fantastic ideas. 
Bondi Chai ice cream sounds like a perfect summer treat! 

Being the oatmeal fan I am - I decided the powder is a perfect addition to oatmeal.
Sweet, spicy and full of flavour. 

Bondi Chai comes in two flavours - Vanilla Honey and Club Cinnamon.
Vanilla Honey was my favourite with the sweetness of the honey and the rich vanilla flavour
- it actually has a flavour similar to that of a sweet custard or cake
but the Club Cinnamon is perfect for someone who likes a bit of spice! 

So how would you give someone a bag of chai powder?
Is that what you're thinking? Well do I have a solution for you!
Take a box or a basket, a little tissue paper to line the bottom
add the chai powder and a cute mug 
and maybe even some tasty treats for your lucky recipient to enjoy with their chai latte
and then all you have left to do is wrap it up and tie a big bow!

Have a look here to find out where you can get some for yourself!

For someone who needs a little pampering or a pampered princess

It can be so easy to forget about looking after ourselves 
sometimes we just need a little reminder!

There's a few women in my life who need to remember to look after themselves sometimes!
Sure - you could give them a voucher for a spa day or a massage
but will they use it? Hmmmmm.

Absolutely Gorgeous has a divine skin care range that is a perfect christmas gift or stocking stuffer.
Absolutely Gorgeous is committed to natural beauty - so their range is full of skin and body care products that use only pure, organic and chemical free ingredients. 

You could purchase one of Absolutely Gorgeous's gift packs 
or put together your own pamper hamper for that special someone.  

Absolutely Gorgeous even have a baby care range perfect for new bubs and why not pick up something to pamper that new mum too!

Just head to Absolutely Gorgeous to buy online, or have a look at their stockists

So tell me - 
are you a more organised Santa than me? 
or has Christmas crept up on you too?

and What's the best gift you've ever received for Christmas?

Kristy received Bondi Chai and Absolutely Gorgeous products courtesy of and
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  1. i tried the bondi chai at MasterChef Live. pretty nice! i think i preferred the club cinnamon but i'd have to try again to be sure. i remember them at the Good Food & Wine Show as well :-_

  2. I'm not a big cinnamon fan, so the Vanilla and Honey was perfect for me! It's good that you can have the choice!

  3. mmmm bondi chai!

    I have all my presents done! well, I'm waiting for the rest of them to arrive from online shopping, I hope they do, I don't want my little cousin to hate me if his doesn't arrive in time :(

  4. Shellie you are so organised! I hope they arrive soon!!!

  5. Great photos. I love the contrast of the warm sunny fun coffee and the cool calm lotion - that photo has so much mood. Well done!