Friday, December 17, 2010

Sweet Saturday: Sophisticated Crunch

Its obvious our tastes grow and mature as we do, 
from liking coffee to wine to dark chocolate.

As a child, dark chocolate was the enemy. 
Bitter, sour, not sweet enough. 
For me it was milk chocolate or white chocolate on the odd occasion. 

Now I'll choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate any day.
Though I do still have a soft spot for milk chocolate every now and then. 

But isn't that the same for most people?
Is it because our tastes do change, or is it because what's expected of us changes?
I sure as hell haven't seen business men sucking on lollipops!

Alter Eco sent me their newest block of chocolate, Dark Chocolate Quinoa - Midnight Crunch, to try.
This is a 61% cocoa bar with crunchy, crispy quinoa pieces. 

I loved it. It may quite possibly be my new favourite chocolate bar.
I loved CRUNCH bars just for the rice krispies - but now I've found an even better solution.
A more sophisticated, grown up CRUNCH. 

I've never actually tried quinoa - so I don't exactly know what it tastes like alone. 
But this bar is deeeeeeeeeelicious.

Plus, what more could you want - Alter Eco chocolate is:
Fair Trade 
100% Natural
200% YUM! (the most important part)

I suggest you quickly take a look at their stockists and make a mad dash to buy yourself a block!

But do tell me, 
Do you ever indulge in (seemingly) childlike activities? 
I'm still a big fan of colouring in. 
I don't care how old you are, it's fun! 
I will happily colour for hours - and I don't even need an excuse for it.


  1. sounds really interesting. i prefer dark chocolate too. :-)

  2. It's delicious and definitely worth a try if you're a dark chocolate fan!

  3. its funny how i took a photo at the store when they first brought this chocolate in but i still haven't tried it. thank you for the reminder! ohhh how i love crunch in my chocolate!! <3

  4. Oh Kels you have to try it, it's so good!

  5. It's so good! Sounds odd, but it works! Just like a crunch bar :)