Friday, December 10, 2010

Sweet Saturday: Sweet Simplicity

I love baking being in the kitchen.
I couldn't narrow it down to just baking, 
because I'll take any excuse I can to be in the kitchen

You name it. 
It's only ever on a rare occaison where I don't feel like cooking or baking
(probably much to my mother's annoyance)

But sometimes the thought of pulling down the stand mixer (which weighs a tonne)
just doesn't seem attractive.
Some days I don't want to spend hours making something, 
only to have to spend hours cleaning it up.
Some days I just want something simple

Whipping eggwhites until stiff peaks
Tempering chocolate
Separating eggs
Stirring until your arm falls off 

No, not today.
I always like to have something out when people come over, even on surprise visits.
To whip something up on a whim is a skill I've started to master. 

But when you combine a surprise visit and a day where the mixer just seems too heavy
and the pile of dishes in the sink make you want to run for the hills, what do you do? 

Why - you turn to a box mix, of course. 

What?! Yes I did just say box mix
Why?! Quick, easy and you don't need a cupboard full of ingredients. 
But it won't taste home made?! Or will it? 

I was sent a bunch of Melinda's Gluten Free Goodies mixes to review
and the Heavenly Chocolate Fudge Brownie was one of them.
All I needed was two eggs and some butter.

I opened the box to find two sachets.
The first was the brownie mix made up of fair trade Dutch cocoa and the second, a sachet of specially sourced lactose-free chocolate. 

These brownies are perfect if you're baking for someone with allergies.
You get a gluten free, wheat free, lactose free (as long as you use a lactose free margarine or butter substitute) and yeast free brownie and you don't need to spend hours perusing the shelves of health food stores trying to find unusual allergy friendly ingredients. 

After baking, and letting them cool 
I had fudgy brownies with a chewy edge. 

But did they taste good?! Why yes, they did. 
You know what - don't tell your friends they're from a packet and they will never know.
In fact, you might need to come up with an excuse as to why you can't give them the recipe.

Maybe your old Aunt will do the trick!
You know she doesn't like her secret recipes revealed! ;)

Or you could share the secret,
and dispel the myth that packet mixes are rubbish.

But you'll have to get in quick, because these brownies disappear fast
It's okay though - because it's so easy to get your hands on another box and whip up a fresh batch. 

Just head to your local supermarket or look at Melinda's list of stockists.

Now tell me, 
What have you got planned for the weekend?
and do you have a specialty that you serve to guests? 
or always take to parties or friends houses?

I think my specialty would have to be desserts.
Cakes, brownies, cupcakes, cookies, slices - you name it!

Kristy was sent Melinda's Gluten Free Goodies products courtesy of
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  1. Gluten free products are always so hit and miss but it sounds like these are a hit. Do you ever get sent things that are a miss? I do! :(

  2. I do too :(
    And the ones that are a miss NEVER get posted - I don't want to recommend things I don't like to other people!

  3. Nom! Those look delicious, and I seriously was fooled because I thought they were homemade. I like to make my brownies a little mushy...mmm :)

  4. You really couldn't tell they came from a box! I like chewy brownies with soft fudgy centres, yum!

  5. Yes, I was one of those people who said... what a box mix!?

    I have to admit though, these Brownies look pretty darn delicious!

  6. They were delicious! Totally changed my mind about box mixes