Sunday, May 15, 2011

Snack attack

I'm definitely not a 3 square meals kind of girl.
It just doesn't work for me. 
Snacks are vital for keeping my energy up and keeping me going throughout the day.

I love healthy snacks, but I'm all about balance - so you can be sure treats make it into my stomach as well. 
But my one main rule of healthy snacks? They need to taste good. 

Because, seriously, who wants to be choking something down that tastes revolting - just because it's "healthy"?
Not me!

Partner Foods seem to be on the same train as me,
Their intention when creating "Chic Nuts" was that: 
- they had to taste good
- they had to be good for you
- they had  to contribute to sustainable agriculture

Anddd you know what?
They get my BIG tick of approval! 

Chic Nuts are chickpeas roasted to perfection - they're crunchy and full of flavour and make a perfect snack!
They come in two flavours: Sicilian Herbs and Garlic and Lightly Salted.
The Sicilian Herbs and Garlic were hands down my favourite of the two. 
Crunchy with so much flavour - there was no way you could tell you were eating chickpeas! 

Now, you might be like my mum or sister who were a bit skeptical on the whole chickpea deal.
But I promise you, after you try Chic Nuts - you'll be thanking me and worshiping chickpeas :P
They do not fit the "healthy snack" stereotype in that they're bland, boring and just plain gross.

Partner Foods have also made it easier for snacking on the run with their convenient snack packs. 
Just pop one or two in your purse or bag and you're equipped for when the hunger monster attacks! 
The snack packs are also available as Fava Nuts - which are much like the Chic Nuts, only they're broadbeans instead of chickpeas. 

Chic Nuts and Fava Nuts have become pantry staples in my house!
They're perfect for when you need a crunchy or a salty snack and they're so much better than a bag of chips!
Chickpeas are full of protein, dietary fibre, zinc and a multitude of B complex vitamins and they're also low GI and gluten free!

If you're in Australia - you're in luck! You can pick up some Chic nuts for yourself at Woolworths, Safeway and IGA stores across the country as well as many Health Food and Specialty Stores.

So tell me,
Are you a 3 square meals kinda person
or do you like to include snacks in your day?

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  1. I think I'm a snacks kinda girl, I always have food in my cupboards so whenever I feel peakish I reach for them.. I heard that it's apparently better for you to have lots of small meals and snacks throughout the day because it increases your metabolism..

    I must admit I'm not a massive fan of chickpeas but the Sicilian herbs and garlic flavour sounds wonderful!

  2. I'm not really a snacking fan, it's weird but i don't do it often. however, i'm human & i do, these sound incredible.

  3. Phuoc - the herb and garlic flavour are delicious! They actually kind of reminded me of shapes :P
    Laura - they're really yum! You should try them.

  4. I'm definitely a snacking person- I can't really leave the house unless my bag is full of snacks :D Though mine are usually 100% unhealthy snacks... :D I've never had roasted chickpeas before!! :O But they sounds delicious!

  5. The Chic Nuts are so yum! and perfect for filling your bag with :P

  6. I love these chic nuts! I actually find them dangerous around my house, I can scoff a whole bag of these down in next to no time.

  7. Haha, they're moreish! I find them super filling though, so they're a great snack :)

  8. I am definitely a snacker! Plus they say it's better to have smaller meals more often so works for me! Love that they are gluten free - I find it hard to get healthy and filling gluten free snacks.

  9. You should definitely give these a try, Petra! I totally agree with you on smaller meals more often being better than three square meals!