Wednesday, February 17, 2010


when a chocoholic receives something that reads  

"WARNING: Do not leave 
in direct sunlight 
and avoid heat. 
Contains Chocolates"

they start to get excited.
needless to say I rushed out of the post office and hurriedly opened the envelope.
the first thing that I noticed was how well it was packaged, an insulated envelope that incased a padded envelope that had a chocolate box snuggly inside.

yes, you heard right.. i said chocolate.. mmmm

I was kindly sent this package from the lovely people at chocogram.

Upon opening the chocolate box the first word that escaped my mouth was "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWH"

these chocolates are seriously cute,
I wish I did this before valentines day.

this would be a FANTASTIC gift idea 
-hint hint family and friends, my birthday's 6 months away-
you can personalise your own chocogram at 
with a message of your choice, a one line chocogram (what I received, seven chocolates) 
will set you back $14.50 plus a flat postage rate of $9.95

you can get the chocogram delivered straight to the lucky recipients home/office/post box
and you don't have to worry about figuring out postage rates.
this would be a superb idea for family and friends who live a bit too far away,
or even someone who you want to feel special. 

Nowww... onto the taste :) 

in unison, nawwwwwh.

not only do these chocolates look good, they smell good
and boyyyyyyyyyyy do they taste good. 


chocogram's chocolate is "made from the finest belgian chocolate"
smooth, creamy, melty, chocolatey goodness is what it's really made from.
and i'm not even a fan of belgian chocolate, 
but these chocolates are yummmmmy

it tastes a bit like those milk chocolate lindt balls, mmmm.

and the cutesy heart one, 
is white chocolate..
and its to die for.
I give chocogram a 10/10, 
and my taste testers agree!
its cute, its elegant, its delicious
and what kind of message isn't sweet when it's written in chocolate!

i will definitely be using chocogram in the future, 
so keep your mailboxes clear friends and family!
so tell me, what's your favourite kind of chocolate?
white? dark? or milk?  

Kristy received this chocogram courtesy of
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  1. wow ,
    you are an amzing photographer
    and the chocogram seems like a great idea for a gift.
    i might have to drop the hint to my husband. haha

  2. Thanks anonymous,
    Maybe you could send one to him,
    and then eat his!

  3. You can send one to me can't you Kristy?

  4. haha,
    I think I'm gonna need shares in this company :P

  5. yummo! i prefer dark chocolate. looks like a great gift idea. :-)

  6. all chocolate is good :P
    I think its super cool that you can personalise chocolate.
    Food related presents are always good :P

  7. Yes, dark, most definitely, though I don't recall ever actually turning any chocolate down.

    What fun your blog is, Kristy!

  8. Definitely, any chocolate is good :P

    I'm glad you think my blog is fun :D

  9. Wow.. your blog is fun reading and you're doing some amazing photography. I have to keep coming back to this to get some ideas :-)

  10. Thankyou so much :)
    I just had a quick look at your blog and I love your photos.
    Especially the water droplet ones.
    Definitely inspiring :)

  11. These chocolates are an amazing idea! Delicious too! =D