Sunday, February 21, 2010


just something a little bit different.
i took a walk today, in the heat (bad idea) and stumbled across this vespa.
so i messed around with cross processing and warm vintage tones. 

for some reason I associate warm rich colours with italy.
and vespas of couse. 

I am loving all the comments on my posts,
you all really do make me smile
so thankyou readers.

do tell me though, where's your dream vacation spot? 
mines italy, especially due to the food :P 


  1. nice pic. reminds me of Italy already. i love Pâtisseries in France but wanting to have a great relaxing holiday at a beach resort somewhere. that would be ideal at the moment. :-)

  2. Nice post processing :) And thanks for joining my blog. I'll look forward to your comments in the future to help me improve my skills.

  3. Simon - I would love to go all over Europe, so far all my overseas vacations have been in America. French and Italian food is so yummy too :P

    Shinydewdrop - Thankyou :) I'll definitely be keeping an eye on your blog

  4. Italy would be great. So would France (although not so much for their food!) I'm really keen to travel to India too, but for different reasons.

  5. Ever since I was little i've wanted to travel to Italy - Probably because I studied Italian at school from kindergarten to the sixth grade.