Friday, August 13, 2010

Sweet Saturday: what I've been missing! caramelised macadamia brownies

also known as heaven
seriously - google agrees

If you had have read this post
you might have come to the realisation that I am seriously in-love with Dello Mano brownies
but how can I help it?

There's one problem with Dello Mano brownies... 
they make you view other brownies differently.

To be quite honest, 

other brownies just don't cut it.

They're decadently rich and fudgy 
and not sickeningly sweet.
For my birthday, the super lovely Deb from Dello Mano sent me a box of their
When I received the package I was so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so (okay you get the point) excited,
like literally jumping for joy excited.

After the photos were taken and I got to taste the brownies
I was in heaven yet again! 
The standard set by the original brownies was not dropped by these little beauties,
the nuttiness from the caramelised macadamias went PERFECTLY. 
Macadamias would have to be pretty high on my nut of choice list
but i'd never had them in brownies before.

I turned eighteen and found out exactly what i'd been missing for eighteen years :P

If I was Prime Minister of Australia,
I'd probably pass a law that said "All Australian Citizens must try Dello Mano brownies"
and then I'd have a conversation with Obama and let him in on the secret.
Surely brownies could fix the world's problems.

They definitely helped to make my birthday special. 
I may have decided that I didn't want presents or a party
and wanted a really low key birthday.
But it was fantastic,
thanks to my gorgeous family (and extended family)
friends and wonderful people like Deb.
As well as the super amazing people who sent me birthday wishes!

Thank you! 
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!

you have absolutely no idea how special you all made me feel
or how much it all meant to me.

So my birthday gift to you are these photos.
Drool over them
Savour them
Eat with your eyes!
If I had a million dollars, i'd buy you some too
but unfortunately I don't - darn!

But fear not, 
head to Dello Mano and get some for yourself!
Or someone lovely in your life :)

I hope have a positively spectacular Sweet Saturday,
I'm off to the farmers markets!
So you know what that means? 

My blog is hopefully going to be filled with pictures and posts :) 

But first! Do tell me!
Have you ever found a food that made you think
"What have I been missing all my life?"

Kristy was sent Dello Mano brownies courtesy of
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  1. Oh my gosh. These look so good!!! Brilliant photos but rather torturous! I want to eat them not look at them! Glad you had a lovely birthday.

  2. Thankyouuu! They tasted even better :P

  3. Ahhh, I missed out on trying these brownies when I passed by their stall at growers' markets in Brisbane. Husband and I were full of food and didn't think we'd be able to transport some back to Sydney safely with our luggage!

    Avocado is what I missed out on for 16 years of my life. My Chinese mother doesn't eat it so we've never had it at home. It wasn't until I was at a friend's place for lunch that I tried it in a salad. No turning back since then =D

  4. Woohoo! You are now officially an adult! I hope you have a nice few days of celebration! I remember when I finished my trials, a few weeks later was my 18th so I had two reasons to party.

    I want these brownies now!

  5. mademoiselle delicieuse - What a shame! :(
    I loveeeeee a good avocado! The only bad thing about them is that when they're bad - they're really bad! I can't stand mushy black avocadoes.

    phuoc'n delicious - Sure am :) I want them too! They're all gone :(

  6. Wow they sound amazingly good! And lol at if you were PM! Maybe they could work that into the election? :P

  7. here is so many inspirations!

    have a nice time!

  8. Lorraine - If Julia, Tony or any of the other candidates promised brownies - I'm sure they'd win haha.

    Paula - Thankyou :)

  9. Ohhh yum.. you can't go wrong with brownies!

  10. Have often thought myself that the world would be a better place if those leaders spent a little time each day eating chocolate! I am so happy you enjoyed them and that we were able to be part of your very special birthday! Happy birthday and thank you for your very kind words. deb

  11. what a great combination of flavours. i love the chocolate coated macadamia nuts from The Nut Shop so this would be heaven indeed combined with a brownie. :-)

  12. i agree with everything said. I'm madly in love with brownies and these are just amazing as you probably already know considering i made brownies today but i long for the day when you get more!

  13. Why hello sister :P
    Yes, I do know about your brownie obsession