Thursday, November 11, 2010

Busy as a bee

Friday already? Now that's what I like to hear!

I've been a busybusy bee this week,
but don't you worry - I've let myself have some time to soak up the sunshine.

mother nature, I have regained all respect for you!
a round of applause for mother nature, please

So i've said before that i'm a snacker
and it's true. 
If I didn't snack, i'd probably be gnawing my arm off by lunch time. 

I'm not good at the whole "eating 3 large meals" deal.
My stomach can't handle lots of food all at once,
so I'm much happier eating 6 smaller meals. 

A while ago I posted a review of some snacks from Healtheries and I'm back with more! 

 These are more products from their Wiggles range
and yes, I'm eighteen but hey! the Wiggles are as old as me!

So what do you do when you have a bunch of kids snacks to review? 
Well you gather together a bunch of big and little kids to try them!

These fruit fills are made with real fruit and wholegrains
and they taste good enough to fool fussy little ones :P

We decided they'd be a perfect on-the-go or lunch box snack
perfect for busy bees! and not messy to eat!

I knew these Ricey Bites would be a hit when I opened the box of products,
and I was right!

Crunchy and flavoursome, these share packs are a perfect snack!
and they're free of  MSG and artificial colours and flavours.

The cheese flavour was the clear winner out of my taste testers
and the eight share packs quickly disappeared!

 Snacking gets a bad wrap, 
but i'm all for it. 
Maybe I should start a PRACTICE SAFE SNACKING campaign!

or not

But do tell me! 
Are you a 3 square meals kinda person?
or are you a snacker like me?

what's your snack of choice? 

I'd definitely have to go with homemade trail mix or wholegrain crackers with cottage cheese or avocado 

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  1. That flower is just divine - you must love spring

  2. Thanks Bel! I certainly do - flowers, sunshine and warm weather :D